Computer Programming vs. Web Design: What’s the Difference?

Programming with its terms and field-specific occupations may be difficult for an outsider to understand. In a lot of articles, you can see web designers, web developers, and programmers mixed in one pot. However, there are obvious differences in these fields.

It’s important to understand even subtle details, whether you’re a newbie or a student. The latter can benefit from professional programming homework helpers like, while the enthusiasts should research the topic using articles like this one.

Programmers and Web Designers Have Different Focuses

They are actually almost on the opposite sides.

  • Programmers. The word “programmer” may imply a vast number of occupations. However, it’s usually a specialist who creates new software or upgrades the existing one. They use different programming languages and have the most business with coding. Talking about a web project, a programmer may write tools for it. But don’t mistake them with web developers. The latter is a subcategory of the broad term that programming is, but we’ll talk about it later.
  • Web designers. A web designer, on the other hand, is someone who creates a mockup of a website. They rarely have a lot to do with the actual coding. Web design is made in programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, or the good old Photoshop. The designer is in charge of what the user sees when they visit the site and how conveniently the blocks are located.
  • Web developers. And in between these two opposites, there are web developers. They take a niche in the whole programmers’ field, but the specification of their job is different. These are the specialists who implement whatever the designers drew. Developers also use code to build a website and include all the needed instruments and functions there.

Programmer and Web Designer’s Job on One Project

In the web project, a programmer may be responsible for the new or upgraded tools available on the site, as well as optimizing visitor’s requests. After their job is finished, there’s nothing else to do until another new instrument or an upgrade is needed.

However, some companies want to add something to the existing software initially made by another specialist. This is almost a surgery, so the programmer has to spend long hours figuring out the existing code and brainstorming about how to add the needed features.

Web designers rarely get asked for such “surgeries” for old websites. It’s much easier and often better just to order a completely new website design with all the new blocks added to it. So here, the web-designers job might be a bit easier.

Can the Terms Be Interchangeable?

It depends on where you use them. Oftentimes, a programmer and a web-developer may mean one thing if we’re only talking about a website.

Also, if it’s a freelance web designer, they may be developers as well because they should be able to work on creating the website from the design to the final testing stage. The same specialist may work as a one-man company. In this case, you can call them a programmer, a web programmer, a web developer, a web designer, etc.

In a small business with two professionals, one more technical and one more creative, the distinction is clear. The first one works with code and creates tools, and the second one is in charge of the design of the final product. Who will play the role of the web developer is a mystery.

Larger corporations usually have enough resources to hire a specialist for every stage. They may work together and be called a programming team, but there you will have at least three professionals.

Choosing Between Studying Web Design and Programming

If we’re talking about your future occupation, it’s crucial to know the differences between various specialties. First of all, consider if:

  • You like to code;
  • You know any programming language;
  • You could learn a programming language (better more than one to be a versatile specialist);
  • You like to design;
  • You’re good at sorting blocks and placing them ergonomically on a canvas.

If it’s an option, try getting a beginner’s course in all the specialties you like to realize what’s your cup of tea. Also, don’t forget to look at the demand in your area or the country you want to work in. There’s usually a great demand for IT specialists in most developed countries, but it may vary occupation to occupation.

To summarize, programmers create tools that web developers implement on the website they create by the web designer’s mockup. All these occupations may seem similar at first, but as you get deeper and deeper into the programming world, it will get much better. Also, if you’re trying to choose the best occupation for yourself, just see what you would enjoy doing more.

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