6 eLearning Website Design Ideas To Increase Sales

eLearning is transforming the way students learn, and teachers teach. It has changed our thinking and the way we interact with learning content. The internet is filled with eLearning solutions offering different certifications and modules. But are these elearning websites bridging the gap between the learners and content providers? Are these websites able to convert your leads? 

eLearning is the future. It adds value to the lives of learners who cannot attend sessions regularly. Moreover, there are benefits such as cost-effectiveness, learning flexibility, high engagement, and more. But, not all eLearning websites can provide the desired user experience and fail to convert the leads. 

Below are the top eLearning websites features that you should incorporate to make the best out of your eLearning business. 

  1. Online Admissions – Most eLearning websites forget the need to add the online admissions feature on their website. For a successful eLearning journey, this is the first step for a student. 

Whenever a learner decides to get enrolled in your eLearning service, he will be asked to log into an LMS, making online admissions a must-have. 

The LMS platform provides the learners access to engage with the elearning content, view syllabus, ask doubts from the instructors and fellow learners, and more. Learners can also participate in discussions and other knowledge exchange programs, share audio and video files, and more – making learning fun and engaging. 

Advantages Of Online Admissions

  • Reduction in paper usage
  • Learners can enrol at any time of the day
  • Smoother process
  1. Live Feedback – There is no point imparting knowledge if the learners are not given feedback to improve. eLearning websites that conduct online quizzes stand higher than those who do not. 

Live feedback will identify the areas of improvement and help the learners improve. You can test what they have learned during the course of the module – giving the learner and the instructor feedback then and there. 

  1. Student Information Management – Your eLearning website needs to store and manage the student data through the Student Information Management System (SIMS). This data includes their details, test records, performance tracking, attendance, and the like. 


  • Students can themselves access their attendance and performance records
  • Ensures data security
  • Centralized storage of information
  • Only authorized people can access the data
  • Generation of reports based on the stored data
  1. Top-Notch Website Content – It is a common misconception that writing website content is straightforward. This might be true for an uninformed audience, were highlighting the USPs may work to get more sales. But an intelligent audience needs much more than that. 

Your website should contain relevant information about your eLearning content, focusing on adding value rather than selling the modules. Once the users feel that your site adds value to their lives, they’ll be compelled to opt for your eLearning service. 

Your website content should contain all the details about your elearning platform, its structure, duration, how it will add value to the users, and any other benefits it offers. 

  1. Smooth Payment And Registration – Other must-have features while designing or revamping your eLearning website are the registration and payment processes. The users should need to fill as little information as possible during the registration. Also, the payment process needs to be smooth, efficient, and allow users to pay via multiple payment methods. It would be best if you also considered integration with numerous payment gateways so that you can focus on your eLearning business while they’ll take care of the payments. 
  1. Gamification – Games are the best ways to increase user motivation and interaction with the content. Integrating your eLearning website with a gamification platform might be something that your competitors have not thought about (yet) and can give you an edge in the market. 

Final Words

It is a fact that eLearning will transform the way we see education today. Your eLearning business and website should also be a part of this transformation to get more sales. These were some of the tips that when used correctly, will help boost sales in the near future and days to come.

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