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The Tactical Intricacies of Building A Social Media Plan

In this day and age of smartphones, tablets, and virtually omnipresent software, constructing a marketing plan without considering the use of social media appears to be a moot point. In this regard, the use of a sound social media tactical plan often includes the following objectives when aiming to optimize this platform: Increasing inbound leads […]

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8 Hottest Logo Design Trends of 2016

Logos have been and continue to be a critical element for any type of business and company. With logos you can differentiate your brand from others, create a visual image that your customers will get stuck with, and improve your overall brand awareness and image. Logo trends are constantly changing. Therefore, designers should definitely pay […]

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How Creativity And Time Management Can Go Hand In Hand For A Successful Design Project

The world’s first website was launched in 1999 and since that moment on, the world of commerce was never the same again. Owing to their vast reach, convenient usage, engaging qualities, and round the clock presence, there are now over 10.8 billion websites worldwide that are being utilized for ecommerce, marketing, freelancing, information acquisition/ sharing, […]

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