All Designers Should Enter The LG UltraWide Festival Contest!

LG is one of those pioneering companies that continually pushes the envelope to produce the world’s next big thing in technology. As if their product lineup wasn’t already impressive enough, the company is now seeking to give away 15 of its newest monitors. These monitors are simply breathtaking with a curved design that brings you inside your creations. Unlike many giveaways, this one is a full-fledged contest. Artists are being called to design a wallpaper for the 3840 x 1600 LG Ultrawide display. If you’re artistically driven in the world of digital media, this should be a contest right up your alley.


Designing for the Dream Canvas


The contest is hailed as the LG UltraWide Festival 2016 Dream Canvas. Full instructions are provided by the company, but you’ll need to create a design that emphasizes the slight curves on the 38-inch screen. The image must be created using a 21:9 resolution and you should intend on creating a design that helps to showcase the vastness of this monitor.


About the Monitor


The monitor itself uses a curved display with a resolution of 3840 x 1600. It also comes with two 10W built-in Bluetooth speakers. The color profile spans 99 percent of the sRGB color space, and you can expect your colors to show up vibrant and powerful. The display is designed for visual creators, but it could be equally useful for audio professionals and composers who work with large musical scores and audio panels. However, the contest is really catering to the visual artist since LG is asking creators to come up with innovative wallpaper designs.


The display is priced at just under $1500. It has several key features that any artist should fall in love with. The monitor comes with a 1-millisecond blur reduction feature to provide a crystal clear display. The resolution features WHD+ Screen Resolution, which stands for Wide Quad High Definition Plus. The resolution is over four times clearer than your typical HD monitor, and it’s set to provide you with a stunning picture quality that will ensure you get advanced graphics on a widescreen display.


FreeSync is an option for gamers who want to experience a truly interactive and seamless experience. The screen offers fluid movement through a hi-resolution and fast-paced technology that eliminates the stuttering that occurs due to differences between the frame rate of a graphics card and the monitor refresh rate. Get rid of tearing and stuttering to experience the best possible gameplay.


The monitor is also able to charge your devices using a 3.0 USB cable. You can plug in your laptop or any other USB-powered device and experience quick charge times that won’t hold you up. It’s also easy to select a preset for the monitor, and you can enjoy a host of essential monitor settings that will have you enjoying a crystal-clear picture with minimal effort. You’ll also be able to customize the monitor layout for greater multitasking control. Split your screen into several segments to organize your tools and windows. Enjoy as many as four split screens to get the most utility from your monitor.


Festival Information


The contest is part of the LG UltraWide Festival 2016 Dream Canvas that runs from September 21, 2016, to November 23, 2016. It’s an online festival that seeks to bring in the most engaging and interesting artists. The festival is designed to spark the imagination of creators and push them on to create ever-increasing new, fun and enjoyable digital art. The first festival occurred in 2015, and the winners of that festival were able to get the computer setup of their dreams.


For the second year, the stage has been set on an UltraWide monitor that is geared to the individual who always needs just a little more space to work with. The screen leaves the traditional 16:9 displays in the dust with a brand new 21:9 canvas to work with.


During the festival, three of the 3 judges will be there to take part in the festivities. This year, John Burgerman, Mike Kus and Dirk Bakker are the three attending judges. Each of these judges has achieved wide critical acclaim in their fields, and they are excited to share their work with the world and give some helpful tips along the way.


Entering the Contest


The contest is extremely easy to enter. Tweet or upload your artwork to Facebook or Instagram using the following hashtags: #LGUltraWideFestival, #DreamCanvas2016 and #38UC99. At the end of the post, you also need to include a link to your Twitter post at the contest’s website. The contest will open on September 21st, 2016, and the contest will close to new entrants on October 4th, 2016.


Follow these steps to apply:


  1. Download the monitor source image from the LG Ultrawide Festival website.


  1. Create an image or photo with a 21:9 ratio, and use the source file as your inspiration and motif.


  1. Upload and tweet your entry along with the hashtags #LGUltraWideFestival, #DreamCanvas2016, #38UC99.


  1. Copy the link to your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook post and then submit the link at the Dream Canvas Campaign site.


Once you’ve applied, sit back, relax and reward yourself for all of your hard work.


A total of 15 finalists will be selected. The finalists will receive a new 38-inch LG Ultrawide monitor. Once the finalists have been selected, their artwork will be displayed on the website and the work with the most downloads will be the winner of some free promotion. The artwork will also be displayed prominently in various locations on LG’s websites and at the LG conference in Las Vegas. Additionally, the final winner will also receive a creator workstation desktop setup to help the finalist continue to achieve great things.


The 15 finalists will be announced on the 20th of October. The final winner will receive a notification on November 23.
For complete details and a schedule of events for the festival, visit the Dream Canvas Website. You can also see the finalists from the previous year.

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