5 Items You Need To Take Your Designs Away On Business

Design is one of those businesses where one day you could be working for a client in the USA, the next Singapore and by the end of the week you’re pitching to build a website in France.

But what that also means is that plenty of travel could also be in your cards.

While most work is done online these days, if you’re heading abroad in 2019 to pitch your designs, there are a number of tools you really should invest in…


While most of us will probably associate a VPN as a way to figure out how to watch Channel 4 abroad, or the various other streaming services worldwide, they also offer plenty which can be of huge benefit to working away.

Across the world, various nations suffer from geoblocks which can prevent you from accessing all manner of sites, potentially even some of your clients.

By using a VPN you can bypass geoblocks by connecting to a server from another country, as well as adding increased security to your browsing.

A VPN will ultimately allow you to browse anonymously and adds an extra layer of encryption to your browsing, meaning it’s almost impossible for hackers to access your files and sensitive information when connected to unsecured public WiFi networks.

Light But Reliable Hard Drive

A good quality hard drive is always useful to have when travelling with your work. You can’t always rely on good internet connections so, keeping all your work stored on a hard drive will allow you to not only do work, but show it to clients no matter where you are.

The LaCie Porsche Design drive is one of the best on the market, with a USB-C port as well as a number of adapters to connect up devices.

It’s quick, has plenty of storage, and is easy to pack away, making it ideal for travelling.

A Creative Tablet

Tablets are becoming the idea travel companion these days for designers and there are a fair fee on the market to choose from.

They’re perfect for initial meetings with clients, with their compact nature easy to carry around with you and start sketching no matter what the venue.

Naturally, the iPad Pro is one of the most popular models along with the Apple Pencil, although there’s plenty of value in the likes of the Huion Inspiroy, Parblo Coast10 and many more.

Pantone Swatch Book

Of course, not everything has to be tech based and the Pantone Swatch Book is a brilliant item to have in your bag.

With around 2,000 colours in the range, it’s perfect for taking over to clients to work out colour schemes on work and can also be a great tool to have on your person when spotting shades while out and about.

It doesn’t come particularly cheap but is a worthwhile investment that is worth its weight in gold.

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