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Ensure A Great First Impression With Your Website

Any salesperson will tell you it is exceedingly difficult to recover from a bad first impression. If we think of a company’s website as their online salesperson, the challenge of first impressions becomes even more difficult. In a face-to-face encounter, there is at least a chance for the salesperson to make up for a limp […]

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Tell A Story With Your Web Design – It Always Works

The most popular websites on the World Wide Web are able to impressively convey information about their brand and what it stands for. This helps generate user interest in their brand and ensures the website message is delivered in a way that makes maximum impact on website visitors.  They do this by using one of […]

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The World Is Getting Flat – Are You?

Contrary to the popular belief, flat design has been around for decades and is not a new phenomenon. Tracing its roots back to 1920s, flat design was inspired by the Bauhaus movement and evolved into the “International Typographic” or Swiss style.

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How To Capture A Visitor’s Attention In 8 Seconds Or Less

Extensive studies show that the average visitor to a website stays approximately less than eight seconds. Yes, seconds! Crazy, isn’t it? With the fast paced speed of the internet these days and the sheer amount of web pages available to the public, people have evolved to eight second snap judgments of sites. That means that […]

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10 Ways Of Giving Your Website The Retro Look

A few days ago, I was watching the The Artist, a 2011 movie shot in the style of a black and white silent film, which got a lot of critical acclaim and won seven Oscars. While the movie deserved all the accolades it received, one of the reasons for its popularity was that it took […]

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Webydo: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Use It!

Tastes differ. They differ especially vividly when it comes to web design and other spheres where human factors are present. However, there are some things in web design world that are loved by everyone. And one of these is Webydo, one of the fastest growing way to create a website. Regardless of your style preferences, […]

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Top 10 Code-Free Website Builders

How many times have you thought about the things you would need to know in order to build a site? Many people think it’s rocket science and you must be a genius in order to create a website. Well, thanks to the evolution of website builders, that is not true. Even if you have absolutely […]

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