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How to Design Beautiful Mobile Apps for an Online Store

One can see the importance of the mobile app for shopping in that the projected worldwide sales figure for mobile e-shopping will touch $162.5 billion by the end of the year. And yet there is no urgency shown by the online retailers in moving towards this platform. Only 10% of them offer mobile e-shopping facilities […]

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3 Critical Performance Optimization Tips for ECommerce Websites

An online store is far from a  “set it and forget it” business. Successful online entrepreneurs know better. You need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advances if you want to keep up with your customers and your competition. E-commerce is one of the  fastest evolving industries.  Customers aren’t willing to wait […]

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Significance of Website Navigation

A navigation menu or a menu bar of a website consists of a collection of links which help the users to go to different places on the site. You can see a navigation bar usually, in a horizontal or a vertical manner on the top of the web page and sometimes on the footer of […]

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Website Creation Workflow is Broken—But There’s a Fix For That

Are you surprised when in the world of 4K displays and a myriad of design tools you continue to come across gazillions of outdated and tired-looking websites? Sometimes even owned by world-famous brands? Huge companies might have huge financial resources, but time is what very few of their teams have. Time is indeed our most valuable commodity, and yet with […]

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Website Design Typography – The Do’s and Don’ts

The typography you use on your website plays a bigger role than you might imagine.  Using the proper typography ensures that visitors will see smoothly flowing text that is easy to view and read.  Using the wrong typography, at best, frustrates visitors, and at worst, makes them hit the X in the top right corner.  […]

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