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7 Best Practices Every Web Designer Should Follow

The term web design is used to describe the design process that is related to the front-end (client side) design of web pages including the layout, content production, and graphic design. Among these, the layout of your web page helps the visitant making the decision to click on a certain element of the webpage. That […]

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5 Copywriting Tools for Graphic Designers 2016

Graphic design provides visual communication and expression of concepts and ideas using graphic tools and elements. It incorporates copywriting tools as graphic design is employed in the process of writing advertising promotional materials. In graphic design, copywriters help create web page content, online ads and other online content related to the web in question. Image […]

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Create Mobile Apps with 480Interactive

Creating your own app is possible thanks to 480interactive, a free, downloadable software for PC and Mac. Professional and versatile, working with this software is simple and effective, and you don’t have to know a thing about coding or programming: the user automatically generates a unique code for iOS and Android applications in a single […]

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  • September 1, 2016
  • Apps

5 Things Web Designers Should Know to Become a Master

Web Design is one of the hottest careers at the moment. Due to the current high demand for digital marketing, but with clients and marketers still requiring assistance on the matter, this expertise is at the top of the list in terms of contracts. There are several ways to learn Web Design, from going for […]

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5 Web-Design Tips for an Awesome UX

The rate of evolution in the world of technology is simply astonishing, yet technology has become so integral a part in modern life that the  world without it is virtually unimaginable. The only solution, then, remains keeping up with it, fast as it moves. This is the fate that we designers, among the most useful […]

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