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5 Tips To Make A Mobile Friendly Website

There are chances you would have missed the latest algorithm update from Google. On April 21, 2015, Google launched a superb update of an algorithm that is named as “Mobilegeddon” by web developers and web designers. Its main motto is to punish websites that are not mobile-friendly. Okay, we maybe exaggerating a little but Google […]

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5 Essential Elements of a Good Website

A website can benefit your business in a number of ways. In this modern era, having a website helps you reach your target audience, build a relationship with them and eventually turn them into paying customers. It can also help your business grow. Since the internet is a global community, you can even generate customers […]

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Make Website Navigation Perfect With These Tips!

The Internet has made life easy. You can practically find just about anything you need online. You can watch movies, pay bills, purchase products and find out information and what not! Thanks to websites that focus on the needs and requirements of customers, you effectively can find and get anything you need without the hassles […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Web Design

When designing an effective website, there are some simple rules for you to follow. These Do’s and Don’ts help you to avoid the common pitfalls and to create a site which your customers will want to return to time after time. Image Source:www.nexevo.in Do… Focus on the appearance Websites make an immediate impression from the […]

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