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6 Practical Tips To Becoming A Productive Freelancer

Either you’ll have someone tell you that freelancers have the time of their life by making money and living a fantastic life beyond work, or you’ll have another-somebody narrate his own awful experience where he couldn’t manage the amount of work he got. Set aside your confusion and just know this: what freelancers really do […]

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How To Make Your Graphic Design Practices Sustainable

2014’s hottest trends in graphic and web design revolve around reducing visual clutter and minimizing work for users. A new frontier in design, though, is going to be reducing pollutants and minimizing environmental waste. Hopefully, your design firm is already aware of the need to reduce your environmental impact. Reducing waste is necessary for every […]

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The Benefits of Freelance Design

Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement your current income, or are looking for a new full time opportunity, you’ve probably considered freelancing. While freelancing options range from writing and editing to consulting, if you have web design skills, they may be in high demand.

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Creative Showcase of Impossible Logos

There are a huge variety of different logo styles – from the newer trend of flatter, cleaner designs to ultra-realistic logos and everything in-between. One technique that isn’t very commonplace, but that I love, is the use of impossible shapes. There’s something particularly remarkable about a logo design that uses a paradoxical shape – an […]

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Top 10 Skills Employers Look For In A Graphic Designer

Thanks to the digital revolution, graphic designers are now more in demand than ever in 2013. From logo and banner creation to newsletter and app design, graphic design roles today can be extremely diverse and can vary wildly from employer to employer. Despite this, the sector still remains one of the most competitive in the […]

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