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10 Rules You Should Know About Effective Landing Pages

10 seconds. That’s how much time you have to convince your landing page visitors that they’ve found a place that will fill their need. If you don’t convince them in those 10 seconds, you’ll never see them again. That’s why it’s important to optimize your landing page to turn those 10 seconds into whatever time […]

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DesignBundles: Give Your Site Some Spunk Without Breaking the Bank

Tired of searching for the perfect design for your blog or online store? Making your own logos, headers, photo posts, and templates is time consuming and annoying when you are a blog owner or running a facebook page/group. Most blog hosts provide you with slim free options for templates, and premium options that cost well […]

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How To Design Your Site To Be Super Fast

Pick up your mobile and go to your website right now. Check if your website loads under three seconds. No? Then, you’ve got a problem. Did you know 57% of visitors using smartphones to access websites, and will abandon yours if it fails to load under three seconds! 57%! That’s more than half your visitors. […]

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The Eco Friendly Design Trend

As consumers we are becoming more aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly in our purchases. Retailers are becoming more aware of this and are creating products which are both sustainable and recycled. Brands are becoming more imaginative in the creation of their products and in the design of their packaging but why are […]

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The Beginner’s Guide To Web Design

Web design is one of the most popular professions among young people. It’s believed that having a good knowledge of the computer and creative inclinations, one can easily master web design and generate a lot of money. No doubt, if you’re a talented web designer, essay writer like ones working here, IT professional, etc. – […]

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Keep These UX Trends in Mind When Designing in 2016

User experience (UX) design has evolved significantly over the last several years. In the past, UX and web design could almost be used interchangeably. Modern UX, however, goes beyond on-screen design and into a world of device interfaces, functional pursuits, and brand differentiation. In 2015, UX design cemented its place as an essential component of […]

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