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Good Writing and Editing as a Part of Great Design

It might seem that writing isn’t important when it comes to design – and that’s a definite mistake. Yes, this could sound surprising to many of you, but actually writing is one of the most important parts of the design process. Why does it matter in the first place? Well, because in some way writing […]

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Significance of Website Navigation

A navigation menu or a menu bar of a website consists of a collection of links which help the users to go to different places on the site. You can see a navigation bar usually, in a horizontal or a vertical manner on the top of the web page and sometimes on the footer of […]

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Imagination Begins with the Book Cover

Have you ever browsed a library, bookstore, or online bookstore? What catches your eye? Is it the title of the book or the book cover? If all books were created with the same exterior, each book would have to be picked up and glanced through or at least read the contents page to learn more […]

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Will AI Put Designers Out Of A Job?

Artificial Intelligence has seen a huge surge in popularity with the recent success of AlphaGo against Lee Sedol. If Google Trends is accurate, public interest in the subject of Artificial Intelligence has grown by nearly 100% since 2012. Other technological marvels, including self-driving cars, advances in voice recognition software and pattern recognition have shown us […]

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Design to Engage: Factors that Impact User Experience & Behavior

Website design is all about making the correct choices. Each and every detail you use to design a website influences the brand message you are trying to convey. Therefore designing is most effective when it is combined with the user psychology. Gaining knowledge of psychological principles will help you design a more intuitive and creative […]

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