5 Ways Website Design Can Affect SEO

Search Engine Optimization campaigns are essential to make a business more successful. Even though you may have a great idea to attract more people through different marketing strategies, your website’s design might be standing in the way. Having a great design might look attractive, but you need to rank higher to leave a long-lasting impression.

If your current team is unable to properly study Google’s algorithms and plan accordingly, outsource the work to another company. A white label SEO company offers to do your work under your company’s name. Regardless, here are five ways your website’s design is affecting its Google rankings.

Domain Name

The domain name will represent your website, which is why it is essential to pick a name that is closely related to the subjects your site covers. While you are searching for a name, try to include some primary keywords that could help with SEO. But it is important not to choose a name that is too big for people to remember easily. Even that can affect SEO.

Page Speed

How long your page takes to load is also quite important, as Google’s website rating algorithms take this into account. Having heavy images, flash plug-ins, and needless things can seriously affect the loading speed. Take a deeper look into each page and make changes to anything that hinders the performance of your site. You could lose a lot of traffic this way.

Navigation Design

Having an excellent navigation design can be very helpful for your users. When a person opens up your website, its design will be the first thing they see. People don’t often stay if the design is outdated or confusing. Making it easy for visitors to navigate your site is essential.

The site needs to have a great flow. You should also make sure related material is linked together. This will help visitors to quickly get the information they need, or purchase the product they want and see similar items.

Parallax Scrolling

It is one of the latest techniques used by website developers to pique viewers’ interest. When combined with a great background, it can be amazing as it gives a 3D illusion. However, it may reduce the impact of several keywords. Google might not be able to properly understand what your website is all about, which can have a negative impact on your ranking.

Heading Tags

Another thing that has an impact on SEO is heading tags. These give users an idea of what that specific page is about. Having attractive and catchy heading tags can make a lot of difference. These tags will also help with your Google ranking, as the search engine will be able to understand what it is about.

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