80+ Professional Mockups That Every Designer Should Have

80+ Professional Mockups That Every Designer Should Have

Mockups have become so popular these days and are such an invaluable resource for graphic designers who wants a better way to showcase their projects.

While we always want to save you a buck, sometimes there are “must have” things we feel are worth paying for. This posts will focus on two realities of graphic design; First, that using a mockup for a new project can cut your workload in half … and second, cutting down the time needed to find a perfect mockup for your latest business.

Today we are featuring a stunning collection of Mockups called SuperNova made by the Original Mockups team.

SuperNova is an unprecedented selection of mockups created especially for you. In this bundle you will find 80+ professionally designed PSD mockups ranging from Stationery, Magazines, Books, Brochures, Business Cards all the way to Soda Cans. All you need for your brand are grouped in these 6 categories… Hope you enjoy!


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Books Mockups

1-supernova psd mockup

2-supernova psd mockup

3-supernova psd mockup

4-supernova psd mockup

33 Stunning Mockups for Editorial design lovers. Let the words flow and flood the pages and cover of your books. This new Supernova Bundle mockup was designed to add a touch of style, elegance and attraction and to entice those who see beyond the words.


5-supernova psd mockup

6-supernova psd mockup

7-supernova psd mockup

6 High Quality iPhone 6 Mockups which will allow you to showcase your user interface design with style.

Editorial Design

8-supernova psd mockup

9-supernova psd mockup

10-supernova psd mockup

Stationery Mockups

11-supernova psd mockup

12-supernova psd mockup

The first impression is usually the most lasting, with our stationery mockups you will be able to express that special touch that defines you as a business and will make all the difference.

Packaging Mockups

13-supernova psd mockup

14-supernova psd mockup

15-supernova psd mockup

Product packaging is a design service that you may want to offer your clients. With our selection of soda can inspired mockups you will be able to offer clients a good package that will combine design, style and color.

Glassware Mockups

16-supernova psd mockup

17-supernova psd mockup

Why not take advantage of this professionally designed PSD mockup kit, click below to view the entire bundle.

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