1. Will Knight   •  

    I have used this colourful sliced sphere in my logo design, it’s just awesome.

  2. The grass text effect I’ve seen a lot of previously. Liked the glassy, 3d typography effect though, as well as the one on creating a tessellating geometric design. Keeping this post in my bookmarks, definitely some useful tutorials here, thanks!

  3. Adriana   •  

    This is a pretty large collection of cs4 tutorials. Some of them are really awesome, like the Create a Stylish Coffee Cup With Smart Objects tut, but others not so much. This list is worth holding on though. Thanks!

  4. ?????????????   •  

    woow…Cool Stuff!
    Lovin’ your style
    Bookmarked this file and followin’ you from now on

  5. efekphotoshop   •  

    Hi author of designrfix?? :) This is an excellent tutorial. This is a new inspiration for us. Thanks for sharing knowledge about photoshop. I like it.

  6. website Breda   •  

    thanks for this tutorial, looks great! thanks

  7. pakDE-Nanto   •  

    Wooaow… So wonderful collection photohop tuts….
    Thank for inspiring me ……
    I’ll save your URL…

  8. Offshore IT Company   •  

    The tutorials that you have shared are really very detailed and informative.
    I must try them on this weekend.
    Thanks for sharing…..

  9. Manisha   •  

    The tutorials are really nice, i tried quite a few and came out really well.

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