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Need a new web site design or maybe a cool logo for that spiffy new company of yours? For a reasonable price you will have hundreds of highly talented designers submit their works and will be able to choose exactly the logo you were looking for!

Hundreds of designs have been produced including websites, illustrations, flash presentations and most important identity and logo design for companies ranging from such web monsters as Xoops Foundation to your local mom and pop stores.

Give them a try on your next project!


What we can offer to our clients:
If you are a business in need of a logo design, DesignContest.net is the perfect solution. Instead of hiring just one designer or an agency you can start a contest for your logo on our website and let our designers compete for you.
It is quite simple, you write your design brief, set the prize amount and designers submit their logo ideas while you provide feedback. They modify their designs according to your comments and when you are satisfied, you select the winner and download your logo files. All the logos done by our designers are created in industry standard vector formats which will allow you to use your logo in any application for all your needs from web to print.

What we can do for designers:
Our community offers an opportunity to win cash and gain exposure.
You don’t have to look for work any more – there are always open contests on DesignContest.net where you can earn money with you talent.
In guaranteed contests the money is prepaid and is deposited with the administration and you are sure to receive your prize when you win.
You work will be seen by thousands of peers and potential clients. The exposure you get will help find you more work.


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Lucas Cobb Design - May 18, 2010

Looks like a cool site with an interesting concept. Designers should flock to this site for work on the side.

Amber Khan - May 20, 2010

I would definitely use this site and have thought about using sites like this to re-do my logo for http://www.StarContentWriters.com. It is a great way to work with new talent and get new ideas before committing to something that will influence your company’s branding.

florida web design - May 20, 2010

Personally, as a graphic artist I’m not a fan of doing free work. I’d never use it to look for graphic work projects, but I might post a job for a client and get others to create samples for me.

The days of “doing free work – hope to get paid” are long gone for me.

Dzinepress - May 22, 2010

inspiring resource.

Nauman Akhtar - June 7, 2010

Amazing resource for everyone, Thanks.

edinburgh web designer - June 12, 2010

Great idea,

Might use it myself when i next need some work done for me.

Thanks for the info…

IT Rush - March 6, 2011

Hmm, now I know where to start in case I would need a cool new logo.. nice idea.

canndy girl - April 6, 2011

Great post. You seem to have a good understanding that how to design a professional logo. When I entering your blog, I felt this. Come on and keep writing your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

text spy - May 29, 2011

Hi, this site looks really good and professional. I’ve just no started using it and I already love it. I’m forwarding this to everyone I know. Thanks!

Taaj khan - May 13, 2013

Keep up the gr8 Work!!


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