10 Brand New PrestaShop Engine 1.6 Themes

10 Brand New PrestaShop Engine 1.6 Themes

It has only been a while since PrestaShop v.1.6 has hit the audience with new amazing features, though people have been talking for a quiet a while. Designers expected something great to happen and it happened. It would be safe to say that release has been successful and without any doubt anticipated.

Let’s see what are the advantages compared to the previous editions:

It Is WAY More User Friendly.

This concept has been largely overused and even abused lately. All CMS claim to be to be user friendly and user oriented, though indeed, only a few of them actually care about the customers, not bloggers. In most cases “user friendly” usually implies that the blogger would not have any troubles installing and using the theme. And “user oriented” will simply mean that users can easily open your site on their tablets and smart phones. This is not the case!

Meaning, these are not the only advantages of new version of PrestaShop. The back-office is simply “smarter” than it was before. The features are easy to operate and navigate, so it is extremely easy to customize it. The menu is also very adjustable, not even mentioning that it provides the special pointers-prompts that guides you through setting up the theme.


As much as it is self-explanatory it is definitely worthy of being said a few words about. We’ve talked about inner changes. But it is clear that no inner changes go without changing the outer ones. It often happens that developers concentrate on some changes more than the others, but that is also not the case. Perfect look and attractive features make it simply pleasant to work with.


One might argue that is not new. Especially nowadays, when all CMS are as responsive as possible. However, there was one problem that most e-commerce shops had in common. It was easy to customize from the desktop, but making changes from the tablet or mobile device were not so easy. With responsive back-office a one gets the full access to the store no matter when and where, which is way more convenient considering the speed of current life.

The Dashboard Has Also Been Improved

Users already love it! It does make difference. Easier, faster, smarter and simply better. There is nothing to add to it. Perfect as it is. All you have is try it out. Surely, TemplateMonster’s designers know better how to use new PrestaShop properly!


Best Knives for Best Cooks PrestaShop Theme

Nothing is more irritating for the cooker than a dull knife. Not even talking that you don’t want to spend your time and energy on sharpening them. Thus, buying the best knives that sharpen itself, might actually be a great idea.

Knives Made of Best Steel PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Radio Controlled Toys PrestaShop Website

Big men don’t like radio controlled toys? -Bullocks. They just did not try one. Cars, motorcycles, helicopters, planes and many more. Can’t afford a real one? Take a replica!

Radio Controlled Devices PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Hair Salon Responsive PrestaShop Website

Nice cozy colors and pleasant design make this PrestaShop website stand out among the others, emphasizing your unique personality and sophisticated taste.

Hair Salon Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Car Dealer PrestaShop Personal Site

Nothing could be harder than selling cars online. Though, people enjoy looking at thing for months before they actually buy something. Just give them such opportunity.

Selling Cars PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Responsive Coffee Online PrestaShop

Are you a coffeeman? Then you are probably looking for a nice online place that has all the new tastes and latests products in one place.

Strong Coffee PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Home Electronics Responsive PrestaShop Template

Simple design and extreme responsiveness makes this online store very easy to operate. All you need is to attract customers, the rest is already made for your.

Home Electronics PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Perfect Gifts Store PrestaShop Website

Can’t make a right choice of present? This amazing responsive website has the gifts for every occasions.

Gifts Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Lovely Lingerie Responsive PrestaShop Theme

PrestaShop is more adjustable when it comes to any online shops, especially the ones that sell lingerie. The pictures look brigther and cuters. All you have to do is to…click.

Lingerie Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Perfect Home Lighting Store PrestaShop Website

There is probably no better choice if you are looking for the way to furnish your house. Offer your customers more choice and they will not leave your website.

Lighting Store PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

Convenient Electronics Responsive PrestaShop Website

They say all successful electronics online shops look the same. That is true, but only to a certain point. Once a while some “fresh blood” could really change everything in your favor.

Electronics Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details Demo

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  • Looks good, going to go over these when I get a little bit more time on my hands, been meaning to update one of my stores for a while now.