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The Best Stock Image Agencies in 2013

If you’re looking to buy royalty-free images from a good source, the options are manifold. As a designer/blogger/writer, you want to be sure that the deal you make provides you with flawless images to use in your work and for a convenient price. Perhaps I can be of assistance: below you will find a list […]

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10 Awesome Articles Focusing On Landscape Photography

Landscape photographs are created in the pursuit of a unsullied, pure depiction of nature that is devoid of human influence. Strong defined landforms, ambient light and weather conditions are the main components of an amazing landscape picture. The boundaries of landscape photography are blurred and now it includes industrial areas, urban settings along with classic […]

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Powerful Photographs of Collapse and Urban Decay

Finding beauty in the most desolate and damaged environments has the ability to provoke profound reactions in the eye of the beholder. From buildings falling into disrepair to war-torn landscapes, it is the art of the photographer to capture the beauty and potency in collapse and urban decay. Here we take a brief look at […]

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