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7 Practical WP Plugins To Help Create A Mobile Optimized Website

There are so many articles that explain how the advent of superior mobile devices have brought a dramatic change in user behavior. Indubitably, the advancement in mobile technology has lead to a substantial increase in the number of users accessing the Internet via their mobile devices. This has inevitability augmented the significance of hosting a remarkable […]

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Mobile App Testing Tools: Find Errors Before Your Users Do

In our modern world of technology, mobile applications are indispensable and  valuable to the growth of your  business. Clients and consumers have tremendous expectations when using quality apps on their mobile devices. Understandably, your testing team needs to be proficient with your app, verifying and  assessing them thoroughly in order to evaluate the end user […]

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Top Tips For Designing A Website For Mobile Devices

Mobile marketing has been on the rise for a number of years, and is set to remain the future of online marketing. Currently in the UK, mobile traffic only accounts for 31% of all website traffic, but it’s a figure which is increasing broadly across all industries year on year. Mobile traffic has been bolstered […]

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Correct Ways of Using Mobile App Analytics

With mobiles having percolated every sphere of human lives, it becomes extremely important to see how mobile apps are being used. For this purpose there are mobile analytics tools that help us measure the performance of mobile apps. Google recently launched Mobile Analytics, which has been designed in such a manner that it can help […]

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