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The Tactical Intricacies of Building A Social Media Plan

In this day and age of smartphones, tablets, and virtually omnipresent software, constructing a marketing plan without considering the use of social media appears to be a moot point. In this regard, the use of a sound social media tactical plan often includes the following objectives when aiming to optimize this platform: Increasing inbound leads […]

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How Brands are Leveraging Machine Learning to Get more ROI

There is no doubt about it that machine learning is all the rage. For entrepreneurs who are running marketing agencies, design companies and branding agencies, to enable a large number of real world machine learning projects, it is clear that machine learning is already empowering massive changes in the way agencies operate. It is not […]

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How to Improve Your Brand’s Cross-Channel Marketing Experience

User experience is sometimes mistakenly thought of as only applying to business assets like mobile apps or websites. While user experience (UX) is certainly important to your business’s mobile apps and website, it is important to remember that user experience extends beyond customers interacting with your brand digitally. There are a large number of ways […]

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5 Ways to Boost Apps User Engagement

Mobile Apps have become crucial for Startups and established organizations to meet consumer’s demands and needs. These devices have also become an essential tool for faster business growth, brand promotion, marketing, customer interaction, and product exposure. More and more SMEs are relying on these devices to sell their products. If a business does not have […]

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Best Ways to Implement an E-Commerce Marketing Campaign

E-commerce marketing is growing faster than ever. Last year, online retail spending grew by 14%, and experts say that it will continue to keep growing at an exponential rate. The market is already somewhat mature and established, and yet it continues to grow and capture a large portion of retail sales Suffice to say, e-commerce marketing […]

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