How a student can make money in marketing with no experience

Making money with no experience may sound like a scam, but there are some legit ways to do that – especially in marketing. Everyone started from no experience and new marketing experts don’t appear out of the blue – they learn from the same level you are on now.

We don’t have a universal clue to success, wealth and fame, but we did our best to get some tips that may be useful for you during your search.

A good boss searches for people willing to learn

Even if your CV is still blank, you may do your best to get into the marketing. Try reading books or watching podcasts. The letter sent into the company and saying: “Hi, I’ve read such-and-such books, learned this and that and want to work in your company very much! Could you please give me some advice about the skills I need to get a job?” can make for you more than the best CV.

You show that you can learn by yourself, that you are determined enough to do it and are bold enough to plainly write to the company of your dream and ask about the job you want to get. These qualities are highly valuable in marketing, so – even if you don’t have the experience, you can become a trainee and start your career in the big company.

Don’t wait for the tasks, create cases by yourself

Portfolio is even more important than the CV. But you don’t have to wait for a job to start gathering it. You may promote something that you love, like your favorite cake, videogame or even the songs of your garage group. This may sound silly, but if you manage to increase the sales or the people’s interest in the subject – you’ll get a viable marketing case that can be the start of your portfolio.

If you don’t have anything to promote, ask your friends. We are sure that among your friends you have an artist, a musician or a game streamer who makes cool content but don’t know how to promote it. You may work together and create a great and popular product – you will get a great case for portfolio and also help your friend a lot. But be honest and discuss all the conditions before you start: you aren’t expecting any money, you may fail to make this content popular and this should definitely not influence your friendship in case of failure. Moreover, you need to remember that your CV should be grammatically correct and have no mistakes. You can also take a look at CV examples or just all-about-me essays on free services like StudyMoose to inspire yourself.

Reverse-engineer successful cases

Each success is a combination of proficiency, determination, talent, connections, and sheer luck. But people who achieved that success seldom talk about the proportion of everything. Of course, there are enough books, but they describe a very subjective point of view. Reading these books looks like reading a detective story, but you a detective.

To fully comprehend why the case was successful, you should read its description very attentively. Why did the author of the book meet the person who helped them? Were they friends? Acquaintances? Did they meet accidentally, and it was luck only? Did they meet accidentally, but because the author told 100 people about their idea and 1 of 100 was the right person?

Don’t think you can repeat the way of others, it is impossible – they have already filled their niches and there are no spare places there. But reading about others you can get inspiration, tips and important milestones that may help you make your own way to success.

Don’t make the “mistake of the survivor”

Studying successful cases may be very inspiring, but each of them has a foil of dozens of failed attempts to make money in marketing. Learning from failed cases can be even more important than from successful ones. Usually, the people who didn’t manage to achieve their goal make the same mistakes. Try to figure out what all these cases have in common and you will have a list of red lines that you shouldn’t cross. Try to read books written by successful people, novels and essays, that you can find on websites like OzziEssays

Of course, people are much more prone to boast with their successes than lament their failures publicly. Still, there are lots of cases that are known and lots of brave people who are ready to warn others about the wrong steps one shouldn’t make.

Always search for the way no one walked before

Marketing isn’t always a set of working algorithms. The modern world changes every day and the principles that look like axioms today can become outdated tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to take a step aside from things everyone else is doing. Start from a single step and observe the result. If it doesn’t satisfy you, you can always return to the mainstream, but there is always a chance of finding your own Eldorado.

Marketing allows everyone to try themselves. Experience is valuable, but your gut feeling, boldness, determination and willingness to learn are much more important.

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