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Building a Small Business Brand: Why Your Logo Matters?

A logo helps in identifying a business or organization in its simplest form through use of a mark or icon. Logo should not be confused as a brand. Branding is the whole corporate image of an organization or business. Logo design and branding have different roles to build a perceived image of an organization, product […]

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  • November 15, 2011
  • Logo

From Blogs To Billboards: 5 Ways To Use Your Logo

Creating your logo design is simply the first step towards branding your business but how many businesses are actually using their logo to full effect?  Sure, most will add it to their business stationery and maybe some of their marketing materials, but all too often this is as far as it goes.  Having created a […]

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  • November 5, 2011
  • Logo

What Makes An Effective Logo?

Logos are the single most important entity that make your company recognizable to people. This small design is used to identify a brand and set it apart from competitors. The main purpose of a logo is to leave a mark in the viewers mind and make it unforgettable. Logos must evoke a sense of trust […]

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Is It Getting Much Tougher To Start Your Own Logo Design Company?

Establishing a brand new company can be extremely intimidating, especially a new logo design company. The web based competitiveness for logo design is extremely aggressive in today’s environment. You will discover several serious players that seem to be making it extremely tough for new online design businesses to secure a portion of the logo design […]

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How To Redesign A Logo

No matter how small a logo might seem, it plays a great part in making a brand; the influence a logo has online is huge. Redesigning a logo is even more complicated than creating it. Even if a good logo is a logo that never gets outdated, sometimes a change in it can be a […]

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