How To Make A Logo With Sothink Logo Maker

Letter based logos are logos, of well, letters of the alphabet. These kind of logos will give your target users a deeper sense on the brand you are marketing. Some more famous letter based logos include SANYO, KFC, Nike, Intel and IBM. Traditionally, you would need to design these types of logos with Adobe Photoshop. However, not everyone has mastered their drawing skills in Photoshop. Today we are showcasing a simple way to design the SANYO logo with built-in one-click effects and common graphics dealing operations like scale and skew.

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See the final logo:


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Step 1: launch Logo Maker, and then new a blank document.

Step 2: Click  from toolbar to add text. Input “SA”, and set font to “Arial Black”, set size to “96”. Move cursor on to the text box to display the skew status, and then skew the horizontal value to 10. The bottom right status bar will display as follows:

Step 3: click the “More Colors” button on the “Colors” panel, and input a color value “#EF0E5A”.

Step 4: now go to the “Effects” panel to add effects for the text:

  1. Choose the Outline effect and click the “Custom” button, and then set width to “1”, the color value to “#A11846”, as following figure-A shows;
  2. Click the Gradient effect and choose a preset style, as following figure-B shows:

Step 5: go to the canvas and activate the text, and then choose “Duplicate” from the right-click menu. Now change the duplicated text “SA” to “YO”, and move it to the right, as follows:

Step 6: go to the Resources panel and choose “Shape-Geometry” from the drop-down list. Select a square and adjust its properties to: Width: 59; Height: 63; Skew H: -26. The bottom right status bar will display as:

Drag the adjusted square to the middle of the text “SA” and “YO”, as follows:

Step 7: select the text “SA”, and choose the format painter  from toolbar, and then click to copy the style to the square.

Step 8: change the canvas background color to gray.

Step 9: repeat step 6 to drag a new square from the Resources panel, and adjust its properties to: Color: white; Width: 49; Height: 104; Skew H: 11. The bottom right status bar will display as: . Finally, move the new square to the place as follows:

Now change the canvas background back to white:

Step 10: drag another square from the Resources panel, set its color to “#A11846”, and adjust its size to Width: 2; Height: 99. The status bar will display as .

Select the adjusted line, and choose Gradient from the Effects panel. Click the “Custom” button to set its properties as: color: #A11846; A: 40%; Angle: 90. As follows:

Step 11: now we need to create the grouped line effect:

  1. Right-click the line and choose “Duplicate” to paste another 4 lines. Adjust position for all the 5 lines and group them together by selecting “Group” from the right-click menu. See figure-A;
  2. Move cursor to show the skew sign, and adjust the horizontal skew value to 12. The status bar will display as . See figure-B;
  3. Duplicate the grouped image, and click and from toolbar to mirror the new image. Now you will get two grouped lines, as figure-C shows:

Step 12: move the two grouped lines to appropriate positions of the text. The button on toolbar can help you send objects to backward of the canvas.

Now the SANYO logo has been created successfully. No need to draw anything by yourself, all the required resources are prepared by the Logo Maker. So easy, why not have a try to design your own logo?

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Harry - September 27, 2011

this tool is so cool, the redesign SANYO logo is very creative, and much better than the old one.

nYv - September 28, 2011

It looks like a logo from 90s with a little bit of Web 2.0 thrown in it. From designers view a horrible and bland thing. For a client with no one to help him, I guess it’s better than if he simply used Comic Sans, which I presume he still can.

Mindy A - October 5, 2011

How is this different from Illustrator to create logos? Is this a software for people who are non-designers and doesn’t know how to make a logo in Illustrator?


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