From Blogs To Billboards: 5 Ways To Use Your Logo

Creating your logo design is simply the first step towards branding your business but how many businesses are actually using their logo to full effect?  Sure, most will add it to their business stationery and maybe some of their marketing materials, but all too often this is as far as it goes.  Having created a great logo shouldn’t you be using on everything your customers will come into contact with?


The simple answer is yes!  Your business logo design is a key component in branding your business and creating customer awareness for all you have to offer.  It should entice customers to consider you further and more importantly consider you over your competitors, so with this in mind you need to ensure your logo is everywhere your customers are.

The following is by no means an inclusive list, but it does highlight some key areas of your business marketing where you should be including your logo, many of which are often overlooked by business owners.

Your Business Website:

It still amazes me how many business websites do not include the business logo – surely that is obvious?  When you create your logo you need to ensure you have a design that is web friendly and can be displayed at a resolution that will be legible on your web pages.  The rules for graphics on the web are a little different to those for printed media because of the way colors and images are displayed on a screen.  Do talk with your design company about creating a web friendly logo and tell them how you want to use it.

Your Business Blog:

Having a blog connected to your website has become a popular way to inform customers of news, new products or services and general articles related to your business.  From an internet marketing point of view, blogs have become important tools for generating organic web traffic and bringing customers to your site, yet many business never add their logo to their blog pages, assuming instead that because the blog is attached to their main site people will know who it belongs to.  However, pages from your blog can appear in the search results meaning visitors can click through to your blog without ever visiting your main site.  Make sure every page on your website and blog has your logo on it.

Promotional Giveaways:

If you have a product launch, visit a trade fair or put on some other kind of promotional activity then it is a good idea to have some kind of ‘free gift’ to hand out to visitors.  These can be anything from promotional flyers to pens, calendars or even mugs.  Whatever it is, make sure your logo is clearly displayed on them.

Large Scale Advertising:

Your business may not be the type to advertise on billboards but you should consider having a logo design which can be reproduced on a bigger scale.  You may have the opportunity to take out a full page ad in a magazine or newspaper or some other form of big scale advertising, so it goes without saying that your logo needs to be included as well.  Make sure you have a logo which is scalable, meaning it can be reproduced in any size and still be legible.  A black and white version of your logo is also necessary when it comes to printed media.

Staff Uniforms:

How many businesses do you see where the staff has the company logo printed or embroidered on their uniforms?  The answer is probably plenty so if you have front of house staff get them company branded uniforms complete with your logo.  Even if you do not come into contact with customers on a daily basis you can still add your logo to items like bags, laptop covers, umbrellas and even key fobs!

When it comes to using your business logo design effectively it pays to think beyond the obvious and look at all the different ways your potential customers could see your logo.  Don’t think that adding it to everything is overkill, in advertising terms the key to successfully branding your business is to be clearly visible.

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Sean - November 14, 2011

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