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Essential Design Tips for Making Your First Logo

One of many significant design misconceptions is the assumption that it can be quick to design a logo. First off, a symbol is much more than just some colors, extravagant fonts, and graphics. A logo is an essential component of the brand’s visual identification. Developing a logo needs efficient brainstorming thinking, innovative teamwork, and methodical planning. To […]

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Can AI Design a Better Logo Than You?

AI is a hot topic nowadays, and it’s even hotter for small businesses. Since AI is accessible in some form to small businesses, it’s helping to level the playing field between the small guys and big corporations. This article discusses how AI can help give you a competitive advantage on the scale with the big […]

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How to Design a Kickass Logo

With so many businesses competing for people’s attention, how do you go about designing a truly memorable, ‘kickass’ logo? We’ve come up with eight key principles for designing a memorable logo which we’ve outlined in the graphic below: What does it all mean?      1.Keep It Simple A memorable logo needs to be instantly recognizable, […]

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