Job Boards For Creative Professionals and Programmers

Job Boards For Creative Professionals and Programmers

Niche job boards are becoming ever so popular these days with so many job seekers out in the market. Most of these job boards are present as part of a community such as design blogs and design portfolio websites. These boards are great at connecting talented creative professionals with some of the best jobs out there. If you are an employer, posting a job on any of these job boards won’t set you back financially as most of their prices are very reasonable and some are even free. In this article you will find some of the best job boards targeted for creative professionals, artists and programmers. I hope this post will help you in finding your dream job. Stay tuned for the launch of Designrfix’s job board. Happy job hunting!

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  1. Sohail Amir   •  

    Great list, I reckon should be listed on here too. You know, the massive one that won that Webby Award recently..

  2. Umar Imtiaz   •  

    beautiful themes …i really like it

  3. admin   •  


    The reason we left out is because the list was mainly comprised of job boards with full-time and part-time jobs. We are in the works on creating another job board article that will strictly be dedicated to freelance job boards. We will definitely include

  4. tornol   •  

    Hello to everybody, I’ll be staying here for a while :D

  5. Alex   •  

    cool list, thanks for sharing – I’d also add HTML Jobs Finder

  6. Plolajoanna   •  

    must check for more detail online

  7. Jeasy   •  

    Great collection of job boards. I am a freelancer and regularly visit a few of these job sites.

    There is a new player in town called “Creative Jobs” available on

    Easy to use job board. Free job seeker account, submit cv, etc. it has a live search available as well. Worth checking out. Let me know what you think of it.

  8. iphone kopen   •  

    Really good stuff. Thank you for sharing.

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