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Design Jobs For Creative Professionals On Designrfix has always been a platform for our creative community to contribute to the evolution of design via the exchange of our skills, technique&  inspiration. As a natural next step in the process, we are now ready to offer these skills to prospective employers via the new Designrfix Job Board.

We aim to offer an alternative to the massive generic online listing boards that are not a viable option when searching for a specific position, or a company seeks an employee in the niche web and creative design field.

With the introduction of the Designrfix Job Board, you will now possess the opportunity to meet the industry employers looking to hire available creatively skilled talent on a freelance, part-time, contract or full time basis.

Ultimately, the job board will make your job quest seem a little easier to fulfill with the boards ongoing flow of industry specific job postings that speak directly to the audience within us.

With every job announcement, employers investing in the job board will be rewarded with  applicant responses from qualified
professionals holding previous experience working in our demanding industry. Also, with every job postings being re-broadcast on relevant affiliate industry-specific websites, employers will easily find more qualified respondents from which to fill positions and grow their organization.

In short, it doesn’t matter on which end of the employee-employer conversation you find yourself, the Designrfix job board will now serve as a new meeting place to come to terms with your perfectly matched counterpart.

Job Board Features for Employers

Cost Effective Gateway

60-day postings guarantee exposure to land your organization the professional talent it seeks. A variety of Pricing Packages provides cost effective options to fill all future recruitment.

Exceptional Talent Pool

Our community is chock-full of exceptional design creators who continuously upgraded their skill and make it relevant to the industry. The Designrfix job board will now serve as your portal to land this talent.


With an expanding community of well over half a million visitors per month, and supplemented by a niche audience of 35,000+ followers via our extensively followed Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, Designrfix now provides the opportunity to hand pick candidates from  our massive audience. Our vast creative community will be placed squarely at your organizations fingertips, with strategic broadcasting of all available job postings through our and affiliate website boards.

Job Board Features For Employee’s


Ability to search for specific type of jobs by location, company, or description. Change search settings to filter out freelance, full time, or contract positions or any combination.


Post your resume for free, and find yourself on the radar of potential employers.

Job Notifications

Sign up to receive automatic notifications of new job postings via Twitter, Facebook, or RSS feeds.

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  • Manuel Garcia

    That’s awesome. Congrats guys. Good luck with this project.

  • admin

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.