Mr.Freeze: Comic Book Inspired Artwork

Mr.Freeze is a villain from the DC Comics franchise. He is one of  Batman’s many enemies. Dr Fries also known as Mr.Freeze was a cryogenics scientist who while attempting to save his terminally ill wife got into an industrial accident. After the accident, in order to survive, he had to wear a cryogenic body suit which allowed him to commit many crimes. He also had a cold gun which he would use to freeze people in order to commit these crimes. In this post I have compiled an amazing collection of Mr.Freeze inspired artwork from some very talented artists from around the world. Enjoy!

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The Mister Is In by Zatransis


Countdown: Mr Freeze by YEx2

mr-freeze-artwork- (4)

A Cool Getaway by King-Rastel

mr-freeze-artwork- (5)

Arkham Portrait: Mr. Freeze by jeftoon01

mr-freeze-artwork- (6)

Batman animated MR. FREEZE by Chadfuller

mr-freeze-artwork- (8)

Batman Rogues - Mr Freeze by thedarkcloak

mr-freeze-artwork- (11)

batman and mr.freeze by videsh

mr-freeze-artwork- (12)

Cool, cruel Mr. Freeze by Bockom

mr-freeze-artwork- (13)

Cold Combat by Jackademus

mr-freeze-artwork- (14)

Mr Freeze - Snowfall by JoeVeen

mr-freeze-artwork- (15)

Freeze by madart84

mr-freeze-artwork- (16)

Freeze by seangordonmurphy

mr-freeze-artwork- (18)

Freeze Version 2 by spicypeanut

mr-freeze-artwork- (19)

Heart of Ice by OptimalProtocol

mr-freeze-artwork- (22)

Mister Freeze by Twoface1077

mr-freeze-artwork- (23)

mr... freezer? by duss005

mr-freeze-artwork- (24)

mr. freeze. by pitakow

mr-freeze-artwork- (25)

Mr. Freeze by DarkKnight60s

mr-freeze-artwork- (27)

Mr. Freeze by funrama

mr-freeze-artwork- (29)

Mr. Freeze by Maxnethaal

mr-freeze-artwork- (31)

Mr. Freeze Watercolor by ScottyShoemaker

mr-freeze-artwork- (32)

Mr Freeze by Abt-Nihil

mr-freeze-artwork- (33)

Mr Freeze by Daniel Brandao by DanielBrandao

mr-freeze-artwork- (34)

Mr freeze by E-Mann

mr-freeze-artwork- (35)

Mr Freeze by mansloth

mr-freeze-artwork- (36)

MR.FREEZE by markathy

mr-freeze-artwork- (37)

Mr Freeze by namesjames

mr-freeze-artwork- (40)

That's Mister Freeze to you. by MK01

mr-freeze-artwork- (42)

victor freeze by archangel73

mr-freeze-artwork- (43)

WWP 09: Mr. Freeze by Underburbs

mr-freeze-artwork- (44)

Mr. Freeze by DiegoMorales

mr-freeze-artwork- (45)

Victor and Nora Fries by stratosmacca

mr-freeze-artwork- (46)

13 Nights 2008 MR FREEZE by Grimbro


Mr Freeze - Illu by Maxnethaal


mr freeze by duss005


batman page 4 by cowboyfromhell0


FREEZE TAG by duss005


KidNotorious' Mr. Freeze by billythebrain


Mr. Freeze by PerfectCirkel


Mr.Freeze by TheRealSurge


Batman vs. Mr. Freeze by floorsweeper


Batman vs Mr. Freeze by seniorgoldenspork


Mr. Freeze by ErikVonLehmann


Mr. Freeze by jeffclemens


Mr Freeze by Tatious316


I can't feel you by my side by Dashiana

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Web Designer - May 19, 2011

Great Selection Of Artwork, I am a big fan of the DC Comics. The Detailing in some of these images a really good. You got to love Comic books.

Will Nash - January 20, 2012

Love these, such a broad spectrum of styles, from gritty modern stuff to more kinda classical, retro stylings! A great set!

web design dubai - January 22, 2012

Yes these are really good artwork.They are very attractive.Please share these more and more.


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