Moleskine Notebook Artwork: Showcase of Creative Drawings

Moleskine have long been the notebook of choice for writers & artists for years, dating back to 19th century Paris. Despite web & digital design rising in prominence in the last few years, the popularity of Moleskine notebooks appears unhurt – and in fact, the notebook appears to be more popular than ever amongst the creative community.

Because it’s so well loved amongst artists, it’s only natural that these notebooks are often the first place that a design is sketched out. We’ve chosen to showcase a small collection of sketches & designs that began life in a Moleskine notebook.


Collection of Moleskine Notebook Artwork

















Have you found any examples of interesting, creative Moleskine artwork that deserves a mention? Let us know in the comments.

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Dzinepress - January 25, 2012

awe-inspiring artwork you sharing. thanks


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