London 2012 Olympic Inspired Artwork

With just over two weeks of some of the best athletes from all over the world competing in the London 2012 Olympics, the end of these events have been marked by a spectacular Closing Ceremonies and the Ceremonial handover of the Olympic Games flag from London to Rio.

Keeping with the Olympic spirit, I have decided to compile a stunning collection of Olympic inspired artwork from various artists from around the globe. I hope that these works of art will inspire you to create your own Olympic designs. Enjoy!















































  • Great Collection and Great 2012 Olympic Artwork’s by the Graphic Artists.

  • Excellent collection. Very nice ideas and tecniques of illustrations…Inspirations for some work I like the vintage poster and some particular graphic effects by photos..Thanks for sharing. Now Brazil!

  • Awesome List!!!!

  • Very Very Awesome Graphic. Its help new idea and new technology to the younger designer who love in graphic effects. These great 2012 olympic graphic art bring new era to the younger generation. Thanks for sharing your valuable graphic to our loving art designer. Thank a lot…..

  • They’re simply amazing! Creativity is something you can’t learn, but I wonder how long it would take me learn to design at such technical level. All of them are great but the very top artwork is by far the most appealing in my eyes. Amazing, they’re just beautiful works!

  • Wonderful collection of 2012 Artwork’s by graphic designer.