Compilation of Amazing CG Portraits

Since my last post on CG portraits, I have been collecting other realistic portraits for you to view. These portraits never cease to amaze me. All of these works of art are rendered to perfection, giving the illusion that you are actually looking at a real person. In this post you will see some truly amazing CG portraits that have been created by some of the best CG artists out there. Hope you enjoy!

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Ben Kingsley - Jacques Defontaine

Ben Kingsley by Jacques Defontaine

Cross of iron - Eric Zhang

Cross of iron – CG Artist: Eric Zhang

Driver 4 Character - Richard Wright

Driver 4 Character by Richard Wright

 Aviators Wife - Alessandro Baldasseroni

Aviators Wife – CG Artist: Alessandro Baldasseroni

 John Locke - LOST, Eduardo Oliden (3D)

John Locke – LOST by Eduardo Oliden

 Jennifer, Rami Shtainer (3D)

Jennifer Created by Rami Shtainer

Z Carrier Crew - Sebastien Legrain

Z Carrier Crew by Sebastien Legrain

Jewel - Adam Potter

Jewel – CG Artist: Adam Potter

Qingxue Zeng

Created by Qingxue Zeng

Jean Luc Picard by Miriam Bonetti

Jean Luc Picard by Miriam Bonetti

Crocodile Tears - Michael Oswald

Crocodile Tears – CG Artist: Michael Oswald

Fluid Inspiration, Akira Hanzo (3D)

Fluid Inspiration by Akira Hanzo

Flower Messenger, Jack Zhang (3D)

Flower Messenger by Jack Zhang

Girl in Hood - Szabolcs Matefy

Girl in Hood Created by Szabolcs Matefy

Play Thing - Michael Oswald

Play Thing – CG Artist: Michael Oswald

Suspicious Minds - Dorothy

Suspicious Minds by Dorothy

character : la créature du doc FRANKENSTEIN

Character : La Créature du doc FRANKENSTEIN

The Monster, Rick Baker (3D)

The Monster – CG Artist: Rick Baker

Alone at Last - Richard Turic

Alone at Last by Richard Turic

Yuki girl by Wxaj0928

Yuki girl by Wxaj0928

Hue, Kim Hyong Jun (3D)

Hue by Kim Hyong Jun


CG Portrait

Classical Girl by wangshiyong

Classical Girl by Wangshiyong

pink assassin

Pink Assassin


CG Portrait

Beauty Monica, Mihai Anghelescu (3D)

Beauty Monica by Mihai Anghelescu

Bernadette, Stephen David Molyneaux (3D)

Bernadette – CG Artist:Stephen David Molyneaux

Kathryn, Richard Turic (3D)

Kathryn by Richard Turic

Korean Star Actress - Li Vlad Ghenghea

Korean Star Actress by Li Vlad Ghenghea

hwangjini, hyunsoo moon (3D)

Hwangjini Created by Hyunsoo Moon


Nefertiti by Sven Geruschkat


CG Portrait – Opal Child

Girl, hiroki tsuboi (3D)

Girl Created by Hiroki Tsuboi

Old Guy, Kamil Makowski (3D)

Old Guy by Kamil Makowski

DragonSky Warrior - Hyung Jun Kim

DragonSky Warrior – Created by: Hyung Jun Kim

Asian Woman - Richard Wright

Asian Woman – Created by: Richard Wright

Song Hye Kyo, Max Edwin Wahyudi (3D)

Song Hye Kyo by Max Edwin Wahyudi

Portrait of a woman, Yury Rybakov (3D)

Portrait of a Woman Created by Yury Rybakov

Moon Key Girl - Olivier Ponsonnet

Moon Key Girl by Olivier Ponsonnet

glasses, heon-hwa choe (3D)

Glasses by Heon-Hwa Choe

Grace of the snow, Soa Lee (3D)

Grace of the Snow Created by Soa Lee

Rose, Anthony Guebels (3D)

Rose by Anthony Guebels

Imogene, Tysus Io (3D)

Imogene by Tysus Io


Cold Blue

Dancer, Young Jong Cho (3D)

Dancer by Young Jong Cho

Night Rider, Hyun Hee Lee (3D)

Night Rider Created by Hyun Hee Lee

BINAH, Florian Delarque (3D)

BINAH by Florian Delarque

Rinko Kikuchi - Diego Romo

Rinko Kikuchi – CG Artist: Diego Romo

Koji Yamagami

Koji Yamagami Created by Koji Yamagami

Nina - Andrea Bertaccini

Nina by Andrea Bertaccini



  • ryan

    the word i believe you were looking for was “cease” to amaze, not “sieze”


  • Thanks for the correction…appreciate it.

  • There is no spell check advanced enough for him ;)

  • These are truly amazing, it is amazing how far 3D has come in such a short period of time, one of the things that I think needs improvement on some of these are the eyes, that is always the part that gives it away. :)

  • Truly impressive!
    http://www.anghelescu.net/ you can see how Russell Crowe (Graldiator) from a previous post on your site and Beauty Monica are created!

  • Cool collection. Some of portraits is so real

  • WOW I’m really impressed. the one that confused me is “Fluid Inspiration by Akira Hanzo”, it looks like a fashion photography, and the zoom and precision on the skin is amazing !

  • misty

    oh my they are so beautiful really realistic.. I LOVE IT , I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!

  • WoW :) Awesome collection of CG Portraits. Really great art work. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  • nice 3d portraits, thanks for share..

  • Song Hye from Max is the best one.. man look at those eyes! And Ben Kignsley too rox.

  • Milander

    Song Hye is the best one and the only one that even remotely approaches photo realistic. All the others are fine examples of CG art but scream fake at you. The Picard one is the worst, I honestly believe my 12 year old son could do better.

  • Beth

    Too bad so many artists are afraid to add flaws to the female form. The male portraits are by far the most realistic and interesting to look at. A lot of the women are good, more are exceptionally attractive, but most of them look like wax dolls rather than people.

  • Awesome work. Some of the portraits looks more lively than real pictures.

  • i like almost all what you mentioned.,lucy

  • Thanks for sharing a great article…Its Fabulous 3D Collection..
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  • The puppet doll in Play Thing – CG Artist: Michael Oswald is a portrait of the lovely model Mosh. She should have been credited by name just like the household name actors…

  • gorgeous work,that is simply reflect the creativity.

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