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    Truly inspirational artworks by all.

    Excellent work.

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    This is the coolest advertisement and poster collection I have ever come across. I think Adidas employs the best in the design industry. No wonder everyone loves it :D

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    great collection Tony , I wearing my addidas high top sneakers right now – like Rich said geat design – great brand : )

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    Great collection!
    I think that the Adidas cross-media are fantastic!
    I always love to see them… They are very inspirational!

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    I wear Adidas last 30 years and I love it!
    Great showcase,thank you for sharing!
    Adidas rulez!

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    such a huge and amazing collection of artwork

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    As an Adidas fan, I really enjoyed your article! Great artworks.
    I’ve selected it for my creativity roundup:


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    This is really an awesome work made for the promotion of Adidas! I agree with you Riche ! I have also never ever seen this kind of advertisement. Its every photograph speaks out for Adidas.

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    Nice Graphics man! I am loving it :) Looking for more n more n more..

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    Ahhh, too much Adidas! :) Impressive design work though, I’ve got to say. Very inspirational.

    Samuel Hawksby-Robinson

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    Adidas skywalker :)))))) – Use the Force

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    Great designs!

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    Thank you so much, nice job! This was what I had to know.

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    Wow. Really cool graphics for Adidas.
    Very inspirational.

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    Amazing Graphics….!

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    very beutiful

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    Awesome designs! My favorites are Adidas Concept – Football timeline.