80+ Amazing 3D Typography designs that will truly Inspire you

Ever since I was young, I was always amazed by 3d movies, games, pictures or anything 3d for that matter (maybe it was those funny glasses!!). Lately, many graphic designers and visual artists have been creating some of the most amazing 3d typographic artwork that I have seen in a while. I have come up with a great collection of 3d typography from around the web that will truly inspire you. If you are thinking about creating your own 3d typography, you should not overlook this article…it is a must see.

December - Gettin' Loose

Gettin’ Loose – Designed by Luke Lucas

Just A Crunch

Just A Crunch – Designed by Theo Aartsma

Radical Element, Part 2

Radical Element, Part 2 – Designed by Aleksey Drozdov

Coming through

Coming through

Garamond III

Garamond III – From Leonard Clagett

Ronald Kurniawan

Ronald Kurniawan




Danger – Designed by Juliano Vieira

Best wishes

Best Wishes 2009

 Ilovedust - Great work works

Great Work Works – Created by Ilovedust




SOHO – designed by Nelson Balaban

Pink Party

Pink Party Flyer by Steve Goodin

Waste Not. Want Not.

Waste Not. Want Not. Created by Seventh Street

"M" Typographied v.2

“M” Typographied v.2 – Created by Magnus Myhrvold Bratteng



Freedom Festival

Freedom Festival – Designed by Theo Aartsma

Out Smoked

Out Smoked – Created by Jeff Osborne






Heaven – Created by Wojciech Pijecki

Tony Rohr's Ring

Tony Rohr’s Ring by Michele Angelo

What Will U DEFEND?

What Will You Defend? – Created by kolOut

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands – Designed by João Marques

hollisterb's 3d text

hollisterb’s 3d text

Lukano FontFont

PLEIX – Created by Luke Lucas

Type treatment for Lifelounge Magazine - The Future Edition

Lifelounge Magazine – The Future Edition Created by Luke Lucas

Lifelounge Magazine - The Dirty Edition

Lifelounge Magazine – The Dirty Edition

Tongue Twisting Type

Tongue Twisting Type by Luke Lucas

How to Create Explosive Typographic Effects in Cinema 4D

Collide – Created by gomediazine.com


Current account – Created by Nik Ainley at Shinybinary

inject knowledge question mark

Inject Knowledge Question Mark – Created by Stefan Chinof

Zoo York Type

Zoo York Type – Created by Aleksey Drozdov

Typographic Tempest IV

Typographic Tempest IV – Designed by Leonard Clagett

Stay Green

Stay Green. Go Red. – Created by Seventh Street Studio


Oz – Designed by Aleksey Drozdov

Serif Gothic is the New Black

Serif Gothic is the New Black

100 games of 2007

100 games of 2007 – Created by Nik Ainley at Shinybinary


Colourful – Designed by Sander Rietdijk



Fresh science word

Fresh science word – Created by Nik Ainley at Shinybinary

Simon Page - Typography is everything

Typography is Everything – Created by Simon Page

Hard to read typography

Typography is Everything – Created by Simon Page

Simon Page - Typography is everything

Typography is Everything – Designed by Simon Page

Make Love

Make Love – Created by Dean Martin

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BebopDesigner - September 18, 2009

Brilliant collection. So inspiring, so cool. Cheers!

Alexander Osipov - October 6, 2009

There are beautiful designs! Thanks

Ian Pinto - January 19, 2010

Truly inspiring and jaw-droping. There are tons of good examples here!

loswl - March 13, 2010

These are truly inspiring, thanks for putting the list together :)

FW Design - March 23, 2010

These are briliant, Thanks for sharing!

Anil Amrit - May 11, 2010

And Another WOW! from here too. Excellent post and excellent work from the creators…very inspiring indeed.

Multyshades - June 30, 2010

Simply i would say you are doing great again and again, wish you all the best, keep it up

cleford - April 5, 2011

these are all amazing

ricz - March 29, 2012

fabulous to yo all the creators of this stanning 3D stuff


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