1. andrew   •  

    the spartan golf club and the diamond bookstore are amazings

  2. Pooja   •  

    This is very wonderful and attractive designs . This will helps logo designer a lot.
    Thanks a lot sharing this with us.

  3. Awesome design patterns and this will help designers a lot. especially the topspice is the best.

  4. Faisal Khan   •  

    The Spartan Golf Club Logo and Royal Pens logo was absolutely brilliant. Both have a certain sense of design panache in them. Others are also equally good. Very inspiring collection.

  5. Logo Designs   •  

    The Water Drop, Umbrella Prints, Noon, Steps & Dog Paw Logo Designs have been quite cleverly designed.

  6. lachlandv   •  

    all amzing except
    skycube, that looks horrible-not sure why its there?

  7. Litmus Logo   •  

    I like Call center logo. it’s really creative and perfectly match.

  8. Andy   •  

    Nice List. Liked most of them.

  9. Logomaya   •  

    Awesome collections indeed, in particular i loved American Architects Center the most.

  10. freelancelogo   •  

    Very nice list! Some very simple ideas, that work really well!

  11. web design dubai   •  

    awesome collection..!!!its will give great inspiration to my web logo design campaign..!thanks for sharing

  12. web design egypt   •  

    Great Collection “Cia do Suco” is my favorite one :)

  13. Ajay V. Shevade   •  


  14. Luis Rosales   •  

    Very good selection of logos. Yes indeed they are inspirational.

  15. Logo Inspiration   •  

    Coolest and creative one.. love this creative and attractive logo inspiration design collection. here http://www.logolover.com/ is also best site where to get logo inspiration.. Thanks.

  16. Logoswish   •  

    Interesting collection with different desing styles. It’s pleasure to see my friends in it.

  17. Ajay Rana   •  

    These are very unique logo designs. Each one is designed perfectly, but my favorite one is Cia do Suco. Thanks for sharing

  18. Raman   •  

    nice collection, elegant and simple, thanx for sharing :)

  19. Yordan   •  

    Great collection! Spartan golf club logo is very creative.

  20. chris   •  

    spartan golf club is the best

  21. Aaron   •  

    NEGATIVE was perfect! It struck me with its simple brilliance.

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