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dM - August 27, 2009

awesome collection, beautiful business card ♥

Business Card - August 28, 2009

Great collection of business cards, I especially like the dave richards and dion mcasey ones.

Nahid Saleem - August 28, 2009

great collection I have some on my blog too! check out. Hit my link

Michael Burke - September 7, 2009

Dave Richards card is awesome. Just so happens that it was printed by the same company I use, Dolce Press.

They do an amazing job, check them out:

web application development - September 8, 2009

Indeed eye catchy web designs.Fabulous!

Logopedas - September 12, 2009

I don’t see a conception or some kind of hidden idea. Just elegant, a little bit boring, too fancy for a business card.

sonnydesign - September 12, 2009

wow! the best collection of business card i ever seen. i do business card also and this is a good source of inspiration. Thank you

agape - September 14, 2009

Hi, amazing collection! Thanks!
Minimalist and elegant business cards. I thinck much expensive.
Can I show my collection of transparent business cards? Here there are elegant business cards, original or sober business cards. Interesting collection with 450 examples.

Fabulous Photo Gifts - September 23, 2009

Great set of card ideas here – well done. Did you personally get presented with them all?

Could I just mention our new range of metal business cards in 10 stunning metal finishes and shades with two different edge designs. Printable in full colour, you can order as little as 10 off.

See some printed examples and order online here:

Oops – I think that was a bit like saying “can i mention” on the radio and then blurting it out anyway.

Keep putting the collections together – really inspiring.

Businesscards EXPRESS - September 30, 2009

Absolutely beautiful some of these cards. Thank you for sharing!

michelle giacomazza - October 2, 2009

Great card collection!

joyoge bookmark - October 10, 2009

nice examples, thanks for the list..

Inside the Webb - October 11, 2009

This is an awesome collection, thanks for sharing! If you’d ever be interested in an interview on my blog, definitely let me know. Check it out if you’re interested (

Unique Business Cards - October 22, 2009

Nice collection of cards.

You can find quite a few more unique business cards here:

Leal Elmas - October 22, 2009

I really love this collection!!! I have always want to design for these styles, yet I have no clue were to print this from. Any help?

Abdussalam - October 31, 2009

Great Huge Collection…Here is another collection of “Black” Business Card Designs:

kett - December 6, 2009

v v ..i like…

Design That Rocks - December 18, 2009

Another very nice collection of cards….very inspiring work.

ali - March 21, 2010

amazing collection. Great

Glenn - June 3, 2010

These business cards are beautiful and I completely agree. Sometimes the simplest indeed is the best!

nicolas - June 15, 2010

Nice designs, How is this printed?, special machines?

Business Card Designs - November 3, 2010

Awesome collection thanks for the inspiration

michael - October 23, 2011

nice bussiness images collection

heenapatel - January 7, 2013

Great collection i like this thanxxxx for sharing……..:))

heenapatel - January 8, 2013

Nice collection i like this thanxxx for sharing……..:))

Carrie Riley Roth - November 27, 2013

These are simply stunning! Even such simple designs can be elegant. I’m inspired. ^_^


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