100+ Fantastic Logo Designs

It’s been one month since my last post on logo design titled: Logo Design: 80+ Beautiful Creations. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspired by. I am confident that these new logo designs will get your creative juices flowing. So with no further ado here is your latest dosage of beautifully designed logos. Enjoy!

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Agent Orange Logo by Brandon Barnard

PhotoForum by gumanoid

Andy Fiord by sbdesign

Zvon by tass

91 Seconds on Film by Daniel Evans

étude by Vovy

FASTTOP by alexmark

Infinite Monkey Press by thecreator

Hidalgo Stout by andrewrose

Cajac by Alan Marcel


Chad by dan-designs


Exadrop Logo by Malbar Design

Ypsilon by Art Machine

Lullaby Studio

Full Time by Houston-we

BlupBlup by Bitencourt

Tuna by gal

Huma by Nitish

ko by Province




Raco de Catalunya

pixelflow by Stelian Vasile

PCdoB by sebastiany

petegghouse - Nadir Balcikli

Ranoro by oski

Mojito - Mateusz Turbi?ski

Rock Sampler by Alan Oronoz Madriles

Oronoz by: Alan Oronoz Madriles


Snap Bowl

Star Creative by: uran wang


Veriation Music

Uzina Web Logo by Rainfall

Count Dracula - Vlad the Impaler by: Andrei Gadoiu


Yogeek - Claire Hayes

Tripla - 37almas

Ypsilon - Julian Hrankov


Logolicia by Rogério Oliveira

Round Interactive

Ripe Films Logo

Pitch N Play - Nadir Balcikli

Spoke Logo

Wicked Smaht Music - Daniel Evans

Jim Clancy, Marine Rep. by Lightfin

Telezoo by Redkroft

fly by HitByReindeer

CO2 v02 by Bitencourt

Harmonic by Veep

Blue Baboon Creative - Aldrich Tan


Lovemonky by John Mascarenhas

Smart Auction by Vladimir Sijerkovic

Endurance Army

IDEA Studios

Piligrim by sbdesign

TROPOCOL by matjak

Fame Factory by ransha

Tyrrell Design by richardbaird

Northernlights Coffee by arpad

London Video Reviews by arpad

Mariolle, beauty studio by esvg

Art Film by velja_matic

Colors Of Japan by filippalmakov

Chameleon chili sauce by markmir

Flying Mouse By Amir Karahasan

milkymug By DaveGraphics


Canadian Pride By James Waldner

Say Cheese Photography By Daniel Evans

Just Add Pixels Designed By Nick Paul


Aussie Rob Foundation by entz

Coastline Industries - Jerron Ames

Primo by hyperborea

SaintMate by oski

Festive Invitations - Robert Taylor



Girlhive Logo by QuirkDesign

Gummy Calcium Cows

Hot Rod Lager by Cara Christenson

Huddy Buddy - Jarheadesign


The Legion of Xtraordinary Athletes

Maple Studios


Nu Vibes

Octo Bird

PR Public Relations - Mateusz Turbi?ski

Riverwalk Cafe

Shootmydog.ie by Sean O'Grady

Spy Club - Filip Komorowski


Tapioca by: Rolando Bouza

Unicorn Media - Jerron Ames