6 Reasons to Use Infographics in Web Design

Infographics are quickly finding their place in the world of web design for several very good reasons. If you are looking to build a website, whether it is personal or commercial, this is one element of web design you really should consider that’s important on a number of levels. Here are six of the reasons to use infographics on your website, but to get a better look at why this is the case, let’s consider this easy-to-understand infographic on how digital is transforming the creative landscape.

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1. Visually Compelling

If there is one thing which can be said about infographics it would be that they attract attention. That is to say, they are visually compelling. Look at the infographic linked above and you will see how it draws attention, probably because of its simplicity. As another example – you can take a highly complex matter like locational data and create customized maps using heat mapping software.

2. Fast and Easy to Understand

Speaking of simplicity, you can also see by that one infographic that it is far easier to get the main points across than it would be to work your way through pages of information on how digital impacts creative endeavors. A well-designed infographic compels you to look at it and there you will find easy to understand info laid out in such a way as you can simply scan and understand.

3. Viral Capability

Great infographics have the ability to generate a ton of interest and, as a result, they can go viral almost overnight. Check out some of the following reasons for using infographics and you’ll see why you would want yours to go viral! Never underestimate the power of viral traffic to your site.

4. Search Engine Optimization

If your infographic goes viral, you will quickly see your page gain in rank. All those viral views offer the potential to land on your site, which not only give you a chance to convert that traffic but will add to your rankings with Google.

5. Brand Awareness and Recognition

Some companies blend an infographic with their corporate logo, which helps to promote brand awareness and recognition. This may take some real creativity, but it can also offer instant brand awareness/recognition because it is a visual representation of what your company stands for. In today’s world, that is an important consideration for consumers. If they identify with your company, they are quicker to do business with you.

6. Traffic Generation

Referring back to the viral capabilities of a well-designed infographic, we’ve already hinted at the massive amounts of traffic you can build with just one infographic. All those clicks through to your website will, as mentioned, give you a chance to convert those visitors, but it will also (as mentioned) be ranked highly with Google.

The bottom line for using infographics in web design is to generate ‘qualified’ traffic already interested in what you have to say or sell. If you want to grow your business, traffic is the quickest route with pre-qualified traffic the best kind. With all this in mind, it’s time to get to work on your company’s infographic. It’s going to be one of the most important elements of your commercial web design.

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