20 Chilling WordPress Vulnerabilities and Exploits

There’s a good chance you or someone you know uses the WordPress content management system (CMS). You’re in good company because around 30% of the internet has selected WordPress as a website framework. In other words, it’s popular. More popular than ANY other site solution. While we know and love the platform, we would be remiss in our unofficial role as cybersecurity watchdog if we didn’t point out there are some notable vulnerabilities and exploits relating to both plugins and the core code itself that you should be aware of.

Unless you dig anarchy and crave the chaos associated with a website infested with all kinds of hacker mischief, please take a few moments to study the infographic below that we’ve put together. It’s quite nice looking, don’t you think? It would be worth your while to read through it and take note of any affected plugins you might be using as well as the issues we point out with the core code because that should be of interest to anyone with a WordPress website. Rest assured, we’re not trying to scare you away from using WordPress! Like we said, we love it and use it every day for our own website. Just approach the software with the reality firmly planted in your brain that there are some notable entry points a hacker could use to get into your system and stir up trouble. (Infographic from Privacy Australia)

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