Win a Premium WordPress Theme from ThemeFuse

We are pleased to announce that we are running another cool giveaway. ThemeFuse and Designrfix have teamed up to offer you the chance of winning one of three WordPress Themes licenses. ThemeFuse premium WordPress themes are well known among bloggers and other website owners who appreciate original site designs in addition to outstanding support.

If you are one of the lucky winners of today’s giveaway, you will be allowed to download a ThemeFuse WordPress theme of your choice for free! Bloggers who use WordPress will be interested in this opportunity to create a truly unique site.


3 Vouchers (WordPress Themes licenses)  – Valued at $49 each

How to Win!

1) To have a chance to win all you have to do is leave a comment below and let us know what you plan to do with the theme. Be creative, fun and most important be unique!

2) You can also win access to a free @ThemeFuse WordPress Theme from @designrfix (RT to Enter)

3) Another way to win this giveaway is to go to the ThemeFuse Facebook page and click the like button.

Stay tuned! One week from today, we’ll announce the winners of this free giveaway. ThemeFuse will inform the winners via their Facebook page.

Why Should You Join The ThemeFuse Giveaway?

ThemeFuse is the unrivaled leader in WordPress theme stores, and it provides an extensive variety of themes. This means that no matter what type of website you plan to set up, you will find a fantastic ThemeFuse theme that is well-suited to your personal goals.

Whichever theme you choose for your site, not only will it offer a superb design and distinct look, but it will also include first-rate source code. The user-friendly, intuitive configuration interface will help you to unlock powerful abilities, including fantastic styles and layouts.

If you’d like to avoid generic sidebars, you‘ll be happy to find that you can choose different sidebars for each page of your website. You can also take control of your theme by setting up your own logo, Google Analytics tracking code, the favicon, and an endless number of shortcodes that allow you to create your site in a way that is limited only by your imagination.

With the great amount of shortcodes available with ThemeFuse themes, you won’t need to delve into complicated coding. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to control just about any aspect of your theme, such as featuring YouTube videos and creating great looking tables and graphs, containers, and much more in no time at all.

ThemeFuse offers multiple ways to seek guidance and support. Take advantage of the FAQ page, Support Forum, or online information about the theme you’ve won through the giveway contest.

To give you an idea of the variety of themes offered by ThemeFuse, take a look at the following samples of WordPress templates.

PhotoArtist – Photography WordPress Theme

Photographers interested in showcasing their work in a way that stands out from the crowd will love this photography WordPress theme.

Photography WordPress Theme

MobilityApp – Mobile WordPress Theme

Smartphone developers in need of a powerful theme in which to promote their iPhone, iPad or Android mobile apps will appreciate this WordPress theme.

Mobile WordPress Theme

Coffee Lounge – Bar WordPress Theme

Do you own a coffee shop, bistro or bar? Make an impression with this WordPress theme.

Bar WordPress Theme

Exquisite Works – Corporate WordPress Theme

Looking for a theme that allows you to create a powerful corporate site that shows plenty of class and style? Take a look at this WordPress theme.

Corporate WordPress Theme

Welcome Inn – Hotel WordPress Theme

If you need a WordPress theme to attract visitors to your hotel, this is the theme for you. It can also be tailored for spa or ski resort sites!

Hotel WordPress Theme


Don’t miss your opportunity to enter the free premium theme giveaway from ThemeFuse!

  • Hey, come to daddy, I wanna play with some fresh theme!

  • I will use CoffeeShop to promote a small cafe, this will be good complementary promotion.

  • Nate

    Create a photo/web portfolio site using PhotoArtist – Photography WordPress Theme as the base.

  • Ana Pedretti

    I would use the PhotoArtist to show the world my portfolio in a easy-to-use yet amazing way.

  • The photo theme is just what “Unbelieve moments in the land of Fire & Ice” needs. A site where people can show off their most extreme moments from traveling (or living) in Iceland. (but it’s URL is not official yet)

  • Steve Capell

    We would use the word press theme to promote my lovely wife’s art work. Thanks for hosting this giveaway and now we are keeping our fingers crossed hoping for a win.

  • Gooch

    I would use them to help redesign my wife’s site, & then I’d finally build my own site to promote my own graphic design & illustration services.

  • Ashmita Patel

    Loving their brand crafter theme. It covers all the elements that a product need to be a brand.

  • Roberto

    Hey all, I will use it to build a new brilliant site.

    Good luck the rest ;-P

  • vhick

    If I win one of the premium themes, I will do is to tell my friends that “Hey I have a premium theme’s from ThemeFuse! Its cool! Check it out!” :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I will use it as a gift for my friends at http://www.seabirdjazzlounge.com, somone sold them this horrible free wordpress theme, and I truly think they deserve better.

  • WoooW!!! Writer theme for no $? I’m so lucky ;-)

  • I will use it to write about Spanish website design. There´s little info about this in English because here in Spain they don´t speak English that well… We even have a prime minister that doesn´t speak the language! (little note: I´m Dutch but I live in Spain) ;)

  • MobilityApp.This is really cool theme to show apps.Count me in! https://twitter.com/AntanasAntaso/status/235041986720174081

  • Loved the cafe theme. Will look for a perfect client to work on this theme for! :)

  • Colin

    I would use the themefuse theme to equip my blog with a fuse so that it can diffuse.
    Count me in for this giveaway. Dont want to miss this.

  • Fazal

    I plan to use the theme on my blog as themes look good when developed by ThemeFuse and feel great when used on my site ;)

  • Hi, The theme would be used as Graphic & Media:Photo’s, Edited video’s of mine,Flyers,etc or A site in similarity of designrfix because of its user friendly layouts. As well as helpful resources which alot of designers i come across never heard of. My theme would be profit via resource site