Stickers that Kick Ass! Sticker Mule $200 Giveaway

Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers & skins. Artwork problems fixed for free and they provide free shipping to anywhere in the US.

Their products are made using the best printing technology. The result? Full color sticker printing at really low costs. Whether you need 50 or 500,000 stickers, nothing beats the mule.

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What’s great about Sticker Mule stickers?

Full color printing
“Nothing is too complicated for us to print. Want us to perfectly match a high resolution photo? No problem.”
Free shipping
They ship all US orders for free using UPS ground service.
Premium vinyl
The stickers are made from the highest quality materials available. Extra thick (6 mil) vinyl with a study paper backing.

How To Enter

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment on this post (Please use a valid email address) and tell us why you would like to win and how you would use your stickers. Tweet and share on facebook for more chances to win!. We will pick the winners next week.

Special Offer

Use Coupon code DFIX for a $25 coupon code when ordering!

  • If I were to win the $100 credit with the stickers, I’d get stickers made up for a project I’ve been putting work into a lot lately and the stickers would help build up promotion and anticipation for the website launch

  • Ruthie

    I’d use my stickers to make labels for fun, and organizing.

  • Steve Robillard

    These would be a good way to help promote our new consultancy dedicated to disaster planning.

  • Very cool! I would love to win some of these stickers. I would print all kinds of cool inspirational and creative stickers featuring different artists and bomb the town with them. Guerrilla marketing for ignite creativity!

  • I would love to win as some stickers would be good to hand out to clients. Being strapped on cash the $100 credit would be most useful

  • Joe Jaramillo

    I think it would be awesome to add some die cut stickers to my media kit when I meet with potential clients!

  • I am about to launch a new personal project and those stickers could help so much spreading the word in a fancy way :) thx

  • I’d stick them over my face, leaving just enough room for a big grin and send you a picture of my exciting day!

  • Fausto Garcia

    I would love to win the stickers because i LOVE stickers! I would use them as promotional items for my new design line. I always include stickers with the tees. Also they make great ‘thank you’ gifts. Who doesn’t love stickerz??? :D

  • ryanb

    I’d like to take some of the characters I’ve made and create stickers to put on things. Thanks!

  • Ameya P

    If i win this $100 promotion i would like to test my creativity in making some cool stickers to stick everywhere from my car rear window, to my phone, diary, kindle. I will stick wherever its remotely possible :)

  • I will use the stickers to start a physical regional trend among area businesses to point back to my blog -AkronOhioMoms.com. I’m no groupon, but a highly trafficked local blog that can output coupons!

  • Oooooh, stickers. I like stickers! Plus I tend to make sticker friendly images.

  • ami

    I teach art/design at an afterschool program for at risk/disadvantaged kids and it’d be wonderful to get some of my kids’ work printed! The kids i’m working with now are 4th graders, and have started noticing the difference in print quality (we have limited resources). It’d be awesome to have professionally printed stickers for them to keep.

  • I love stickers. Sticker Mule is awesome. Who would not want??
    Please count me in.

  • Jordan

    I would love to make some of my own character designs into stickers, So much fun!

  • If I were to win the stickers I’d stick them up my— no seriously, I’d use them to promote my band DIVIDE and probably plaster innocent people’s backs with it, like:

    Me: “Oh heeeeeeellooo Rhonda, I haven’t seen you for ages!” *embracing her and putting the sticker on her back without having her noticing it*

    Girl: “Who are you?” *confused*

    Me: “Oh sorry, I took your for somebody else.” *grinning sinnisterly*

  • Garry Hannah

    i would like the stickers because i just had a baby and don’t have the time to work as much. she is worth it though :)

  • Bruno

    Supper Awesome

  • Sandra D

    Nice idea! I’ld like to customize my office and furnitures with some fun stickers ;-)

  • sabrina melis

    Oh my god! Could I win something in my life? :)

  • I’d use them to make stickers to hand out to kids, in connection with my children’s books :-)

  • I’m creating a new crowdfunding website, I need stickers to promote my work and reward people that are helping me in this dream :)

  • If I won I would create some cool stickers for our new business to hand out to people and to generally stick everywhere.

  • noeki

    Hey! It’d really be nice to have stickers with my own logo!!! ;)

  • i’d like to win the stickers because…. i will be able to stick them here and there… thats… awsome… ok seriously i would like to win them to promote my web-design services… regards

  • I would totally promote my wife’s catering business with great stickers shaped like cupcakes.

  • I would love to win! I would use this opportunity to promote our logo design! I mean, come on… have you seen our logos lately?! Best wishes to all entries.

  • great giveaway..
    i would like to use them to create an upcoming event im planning on

  • Hey, this is an awesome giveaway! I would love to win because I never won anything and the prize is really awesome (I love stickers). I would use the sticker to personalize my bedroom, as it seriously needs some “feel” to it :)

  • Jay

    YAY! 200 Sticky stickums!

  • Gib

    The die cut stickers are cool. It’s annoying getting rectangle stickers with a tiny picture of them. I want a sticker of Franken Elvis.

  • TANelson93


  • i want to win this beleive i want to feel like the old spice guys. i want to feel….. AWESOME

  • Bob

    This is not good. It’s mind blowing!

  • I would sticker minneapolis