iPad Wallpaper: 70+ Collection Of Diverse Designs

iPad Wallpaper: 70+ Collection Of Diverse Designs

iPad as we already know, have so many different applications. One of my favorite uses of my iPad is browsing the internet while lying on the couch. It might sound lazy, but It definitely beats sitting behind my desk all day. In this article I have compiled an amazing collection of diverse iPad wallpaper designs. I hope that you will find one to choose from to refresh your iPad desktop. Enjoy!

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Stranded Fire Wallpaper


iPad Wallpaper


3D Dyed Madness Wallpaper


Angiospermae Wallpaper


Green River iPad Wallpaper


Classic Robot Wallpaper


Insea Wallpaper


Kuala Lumpur ipad wallpaper


Painted car Wallpaper for iPad


Orange mac logo Wallpaper for iPad


Avatar iPad Wallpaper


Fusion Building Wallpaper


Aurora Borealis Wallpaper


City life Wallpaper


Apple juice Wallpaper for iPad


Iron Man iPad Wallpaper Wallpaper


Apple sticker Wallpaper for iPad


Tomorrowland Coke


The Red Queen



ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (3)

Play green with beetle Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (9)

3D Fun City Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (10)

Orange Apple Splash Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (12)

Mushroom Lake Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (19)

iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (20)

Toon Landia Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (25)

Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (28)

iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (33)

Little Su

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (40)


ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (41)

Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (42)

Apple Ink iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (43)

Apple Paint iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (44)

Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (45)

Mr. Incredible

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (46)

Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (50)

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (51)

The Black Hole

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (52)

Bridges: Golden Gate, USA

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (53)

Bridges: Pont Du Gard, France

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (54)

Bridges: Ponte Vecchio

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (55)

Brooklyn Map

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (56)

A Bug

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (57)

Burj Khalifa iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (58)

Cell Division

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (59)

Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (60)

Father and Son Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (61)

Ghosts (Blue)

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (63)

Mushrooms (Halloween Night)

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (64)

Inside the Rainbow (Color 2) iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (65)

Inside the Rainbow (Color 3)

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (66)

Newborn Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (67)

Puzzles Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (68)

Quiet Night

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (69)

Rainbow Butterfly Apple iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (70)

Snow Leopard wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (71)

Sun iPad Wallpaper

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (72)

When You Are In Love

ipad-wallpaper-2010-august- (73)

Where Smiles Are Born (Version 2009)


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    Awesome collection. Thanks

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    They are awesome. Thanks for collection.

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    Wow! such a great collection of wallpapers. Thanks for sharing these wonderful stuff with us.

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    Different iPad Wallpaper bring me different feelings everyday. I like making my own iPad wallpaper very much,it is great. I design my own personalized iPad wallpaper with a very wonderful iPad app,just try it!

  6. Adrian Grossett   •  

    Amazing collection…need to jazz up my Iphone – loving Stranded Fire Wallpaper.


  7. Rajib H   •  

    Thanks a lot for this. Really nice collection.

  8. Pat   •  

    Great list of iPad wallpapers. The designs are really diverse, making it a nice collection.

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    Ver ver nice collection. Justed emediatly some of hem.

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    Nice collection, thanks for sharing, maybe you can also find some good ones here,my little ipad wallpaper site,: ipad wallpapers

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