Free Icon Set: 10 Really Cool Animated GIFs

If you are in search of the some really cool Animated Icons you have come to the right place! Today we have another great treat for you, the guys from Animaticons were generous enough to come up with this exclusive bundle of Animated Icons for Designrfix readers.

This bundle contains 10 cool Animated Icons that can be used on any project you might be working on. The great part about all of this is that this bundle is 100% free.


About Animaticons

Animaticons was created by Matthew Broerman, a designer, developer, and animator from Cincinnati, Ohio. He created Animaticons as customizable animated GIFs, giving designers an easier, better supported way to add motion to their work, compared to video, CSS, or SVG animations. Learn more and download the complete set at Animaticons

[freebiesub download=””]


[freebiesub download=””]
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