Color Issues Associated With Typography

Typography is considered very important for designers. Considerable amount of time is involved and is devoted towards finding the right font, spacing and size. Suitable color combination is also a major aspect to be considered for designers. A right combination of color and typography gives the project the final and correct shape and design.


Evolution of typography

The typography evolved to various phases of serif typefaces and sans-serif typefaces. Gradual evolution and improvement also occurred in black letter typefaces and scripts.

Use of colors

The color science and color theory is a very complex field. Designing of good and effective color palettes is done which contribute to liking and attractiveness of text matter. Every color has different meaning assigned and the use of color should be done effectively. Colors given should be audience specific, as different colors have different meaning to different cultures and societies. Colors also effect purchasing decisions of people and if you are giving color to a website for e commerce, then you should make the color contribution to the website with great care and attention. The color combination speaks volume about your website and is very effective in giving a good first impression to your website.

Color and typography

The ideal combination of typography and design is needed for providing the right visual effect, as it cues the reader about the content. This also helps in text viewing in various different ways. Ideal color combination makes the text more visible and helps to make a different and peculiar impact. Thus the text is able to create its own identity, away from the crowd. A low contrast color for the background of text gives the strained feeling to viewers’ eyes.


Font contrast should be done to make your text more or less visible, as the need arises. If the contrast is being given between two different font colors, one should be used sparingly. This will help in drawing attention to fewer words while creating a stronger impact also. Similar color to all the text does not help in getting the necessary attention needed and the words do not stand out. An ideal contrast can provide more contrast to your words and also makes them simple yet attractive to read.


A good contrast and color combination can give your text ideal attractiveness even without using pictures. The text should be easily readable. This can be done by making an ideal combination between background and link colors. The color and contrast given should not interfere as it will give a negative impact to the text and the website. The website styles the links by imparting suitable colors to them. The color should give readability to the text. A dark back ground color will make the on screen text not readable and unclear.

Experimentation with different combinations of color, contrast and design can give your website the ideal attractiveness and readability. Various combinations should be sketched before approving the final design.


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