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Font Selection: An Important Step to Your Company’s Success

Choosing the right font design is the first and most vital step in making an identity for your brand. With the right font, you can become instantly recognizable to customers, and at the same time convey a message about your business. There’s no denying it – font selection is the all-important step in building an […]

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Color Issues Associated With Typography

Typography is considered very important for designers. Considerable amount of time is involved and is devoted towards finding the right font, spacing and size. Suitable color combination is also a major aspect to be considered for designers. A right combination of color and typography gives the project the final and correct shape and design.

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Arial vs. Helvetica

Typography is a fine art form. To the untrained eye, it seems like there are about 40 unique fonts with identical copies abound that make up the hundreds of fonts in existence. However, typographers are a keen type and there are small differentiating features that when combined, result in a finely-crafted and unique font. As […]

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