Whiteboarding: An effective & modern way to collaborate

Interactive whiteboards have brought a new technological evolution. Their presence is not necessarily new, but recently their advantages in meetings and presentations have come to the forefront of modern businesses. 

Over the past decade, interactive whiteboards have witnessed a significant improvement in its adoption within businesses and educational institutions. Today, schools and businesses are utilizing this technology for enhancing the quality of training and learning and also to promote better communication and encourage collaboration. 

Interactive whiteboards are filled with several significant and productive features that make video conferencing meetings and presentations more accessible. They effortlessly support a wide range of media such as video, audio, texts, images, and many more. All these assists the user to make the meeting or presentation more informative, detailed, and interactive. 

How does interactive whiteboard collaboration improve workflow? 

Boosting communication

Whiteboards are more than just technology and interactiveness. They’re also an effective medium to improve communication between stakeholders. With whiteboards, you can share files and also enable the ability to share the screen with distant attendees. Such an approach helps in keeping everyone on the same page, with all the relevant information being addressed by the right person with the right people at the right time. Moreover, at the end of the presentation or meeting, the manager can print, share, or email all that was introduced and modified in the whiteboarding session.

Increased Engagement 

The one-way presentation has been the traditional form of meetings in businesses, which involves around 30 minutes (or more) of a person sharing his knowledge on the topic through a PowerPoint presentation. However, interactive whiteboards are here to change the conventional ways of how a meeting works. It will make the meetings more engaging. The relevant files with the conference can be easily made accessible, edited and shared with all the participants. The leaders of the meeting can even emphasize things, make changes, and get hands-on feedback from coworkers in real-time. 

Effortlessly Annotate  Documents

Tools such as hyperlinking, estimating, video links, 3D modelling, and other applications in interactive whiteboards help in improving communication and make documents stronger. The users can effectively and persistently make modifications to reports/documents during the session. 

With interactive whiteboards, the user can actually annotate anything and almost everything that they see on the screen. That means they can edit or highlight particular phrases and draw out inspirations or ideas so that the other members can visualize easily. Not only the leader of the meeting but everyone attending it can illustrate their concepts through annotations. 

Increased Connectivity & Compatibility

The creators and developers of interactive whiteboards have well thought about the connectivity and hence have come up with the simplest way possible. If you have got the access to right devices, being a user, you can easily connect interactive whiteboards to IOS and Android smart devices with a single application. This results in a more excellent range of data sharing and interconnectivity. 

So, if you have got a smartphone or tablet that can get an application installed, you can easily access interactive whiteboards using WiFi. Once installed and logged in, you can manage all the essential aspects of the whiteboard, which includes loading and editing of documents, drawing and annotating, and much more. In fact, you can also control the flow of the meeting from the same device. 

Everything Hands-on

Whiteboards are touch-screen based devices, and you can even use all your five fingers to make a gesture and work on it. There’s no requirement of having a pointer, or a mouse. It’s not possible with document sharing, and hence virtual whiteboards are useful in presenting users with hands-on experience of managing information. Few interactive whiteboards can even work with hand gestures, making it super easy to perform annotations. 

Better way to collaborate than screen sharing.

Modern-day businesses are embracing technologies to make their process flow focused and streamlined. Education institutions are adopting the same tool for making students learning more interactive and engaging. 

Whiteboarding is helping businesses to adopt collaborative processes into something that can connect them more closely. It’s quite useful for people or employees working with an outsourced company, outside party or clients who they don’t know very well. 

One of the major reasons why businesses prefer real-time whiteboard collaboration is because the brainstorming process for them begins in a more casual setting. It helps the concerned individuals to share their ideas just the way they would have done it in a physical space. 

You can find numerous successful companies and startups employ larger space and effort to their whiteboards, signalling a more collaborative spirit. Businesses that work remotely can be easily unified by using collaboration and communication tool sets that include whiteboards. 

To embed the same culture of collaborativeness amongst children, numerous educational institutions are also leveraging the powerful tool of virtual whiteboarding.  

Whiteboarding in Education Sector

One of the most crucial sectors for efficient and productive use of whiteboards is in education. From mobile learning applications to virtual classrooms, providing flexibility to teaching skills to collaborative learning, digital transformations have brought about some unprecedented changes to the modern education system. 

Modern digital tools and technologies such as virtual whiteboards are helping in making classes more interactive by enhancing communication between teachers, students, parents, and streamlining all the routine activities for the students. 

Moreover, embracing other such digital technologies will help the educators to focus on students rather than paperwork. 


Interactive whiteboards have been emerging as one of the very vital parts of companies and learning institutions. Users are now dependent on them for bringing efficiency and convenience in order to attain knowledge flexibly and at the same time, encourages the performance and engagement of the participants. 

Collaborative and interactive sessions in education institutions are going to encourage an active learning cycle for children. Whereas, when implemented in companies, the presenters and participants of such meetings will discover a fun and productive prospect of their business that was hidden until now. 
The bottom line to all the above-written words is that a real time whiteboard collaboration tool will make the success and performance inescapable for any business organizations and learning institutions.

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