Noun Project Unlimited Icons: 2-Yr Subscription

Inspired by the universality of symbols, the founders of Noun Project began to collect thousands of hand-drawn icons. The concept has since transformed into a massive digital collection of 150,000+ unique icons that fuel the work of designers every day. Spend less time crafting icons and more time putting amazing designs out into the world with two years of Noun Project.


Icons for Everything. 150,000+ Royalty-Free Icons for All Your Design Projects.

  • Save time creating icons by hand
  • Discover icons for even the most intricate of ideas
  • Access over 150,000 icons
  • Drag & drop the icons using the Mac App—no downloads required!
  • Get unlimited use of the icons, royalty-free
  • Receive SVG & PNG files
  • Save & organize icons w/ kits


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