Javascript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle

Go Beyond HTML, Create Interactive Websites with This 24+ Hour Client-Side Language Training


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jQuery Fundamentals Training

Create Dynamic, Pro-Quality Websites with This Robust JavaScript Library

By Webucator | in eLearning


You may be a self-proclaimed JavaScript master, but if you’re not utilizing jQuery, you’re probably not reaching your full potential. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library available, and has quickly become an essential tool for front-end developers. This course will guide you through an overview of the jQuery JavaScript library, and teach you to complete basic tasks with ease.

  • Learn jQuery fundamentals w/ over 101 lectures & 6 hours of content
  • Write high-performing jQuery applications
  • Study syntax basics, operations, loops, arrays, objects & more
  • Learn to select elements & work w/ selections
  • Master CSS, styling & dimensions
  • Manipulate the DOM
  • Understand events & event handlers
  • Create & manage effects
  • Work w/ Ajax
  • Create plugins

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Developing Mobile Websites

Craft Flawless Mobile-Ready Websites with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & More

By Webucator | in eLearning


It’s no secret Web surfing takes place on mobile devices more often than not. This course will keep your coding skills relevant to the times by teaching you to craft responsive sites that adapt to any screen size. With instruction on CSS media queries, mobile-friendly HTML5 features, JavaScript enhancements, and various frameworks, this course will have you pumping out gorgeous websites that look as good on Android as they do on desktop.

  • Master responsive development w/ over 81 lectures & 5.5 hours of content
  • Review popular mobile websites
  • Understand flexible grids
  • Study flexible images & other media
  • Add media queries
  • Incorporate video
  • Incorporate a geolocation API like Google Maps

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Introduction to JavaScript

Don’t Settle for Static Pages–Build Engaging, Interactive Page Elements

By Webucator | in eLearning


HTML is great for building static websites, but if you’re looking to incorporate interactive features, JavaScript is the programming language to learn. This beginner-friendly course will start with the basics, and eventually teach you the skills to make functional webpages from scratch.

  • Learn to use JavaScript w/ 84 lectures & 6 hours of content
  • Explore the basic concepts behind this robust language
  • Work w/ variables, arrays, operators & more
  • Write & utilize functions such as global functions
  • Study conditionals & loops
  • Validate all forms
  • Incorporate images, slideshows, windows & timers
  • Use history & locations objects

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Advanced JavaScript Programming

Embellish Your Code with Advanced Techniques & Coding Conventions

By Webucator | in eLearning


Take your skills up a notch and start building impressive, interactive sites that will make you the big bucks. Dive into must-know techniques like advanced form validation with Regular Expressions, learn to manipulate the HTML DOM, and start creating interactive menus. Lastly, you will learn to manipulate CSS with JavaScript to get that perfectly-stylized look and feel you want for your site.

  • Advance your JavaScript skills w/ 87 lectures & 7 hours of content
  • Review basic JavaScript concepts
  • Study advanced techniques
  • Understand regular expressions
  • Validate, clean up & sanitize form entries
  • Manipulate the DOM
  • Edit dynamic forms & timers
  • Access & modify styles