The Business-Boosting Power of Professional Email Signatures


In the digital age, professionals across industries conduct the lion’s share of their networking activities and business transactions online.

Whether you’re a freelance designer or a business owner looking to grow their empire, first impressions count.

While most professionals focus on their more public-facing touchpoints (website, social media platforms, etc.) when it comes to marketing or branding—and rightly so—few consider the impact their email signature has on their marketing or branding efforts.

Yet, if designed well, email signatures drive conversions. You might be looking to attract more customers to your business, land that next big contract, spark up a valuable new partnership or impress a prospective client. The point is, your email signature is a tool that can help you achieve a multitude of professional objectives.

Whatever the reason may be, your email signature will prove pivotal to your success—and here we’re going to explore the reasons why.


Your email signature is a prime opportunity to share essential information with your prospects.

By giving people instant access to your contact information, business details, and credentials, you will appear more approachable while showcasing your professional experience or achievements.

Your email signature should include:

  • Your preferred name
  • Your profession or position
  • Your primary contact number
  • Your full email address
  • Your website details
  • Your branding or logo
  • Your social media icons
  • A legal disclaimer (optional)

Tip: To help you ensure your signature includes all essential information and is arranged in a digestible format, WiseStamp offers an email signature design free—a tool that is worth exploring if you’re a time-strapped professional.


Email signatures are effective professional tools as they offer prospective clients or partners a clear-cut snapshot of your brand identity.

In business, brand association is important as it will give you a sense of authority while allowing your recipients to make a personal connection with you—and your business.

Tip: A balanced, branded email signature will build trust and forge meaningful relationships. To ensure your signature is aesthetically striking and instantly recognizable, you should include visuals that are consistent with the branding across the rest of your professional channels, including your website, portfolio, and social media.


In addition to informational transparency and brand authority, email signatures are also an effective means of navigation.

By including hyperlinks to your website, portfolio, and social links (or a specific landing page if you’re promoting a new product or service), you can steer your prospects towards additional information that will help them to know you on a deeper level—or better yet—convert.

Tip: When adding hyperlinks to your email signature, make sure that they open up a new browser tab rather than navigating away from the existing page. You should bold text that includes the links that you want your recipients to navigate towards the most.


Brand innovation

While it’s important that your email signature is clean and professional, it’s also a chance to demonstrate your creative capabilities to prospective clients or partners.

If you add a little brand innovation to your signature, you will stand out in your niche, leaving a longlasting impact on the recipient long after they close email.

Tip: Here are some quick email signature design tips that will guide your efforts:

  • Be creative with your visual elements but make sure they don’t detract from essential information.
  • Keep your color palette concise. Aim to keep your tones cohesive and try not to exceed 23 colors in your email signature design.
  • Use text fonts that are striking yet legible at a glance. Bold or italicize your most crucial information contained within your email signature.
  • Use a visual hierarchy to guide the eye, utilizing different font styles and sizes to prioritize information. For instance, you might place your name and title in larger, bolder font and your contact information in slightly smaller font directly below.

“Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come.”—Diane Helbig

Your email signature is powerful networking, marketing, and branding tool. Use it to its maximum capabilities and you will reap great rewards—it’s time to get designing,

For more practical design tips, read our guide to going vintage with your graphics.

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