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Cool UX Design Trends that will Dominate 2017 and Beyond

With the advent of Internet of Things, the products and services are converging.  The companies need to shift their expertise from selling products or services to selling experiences to develop the sustainable competitive advantage. There are several ways to improve experiences of customers with the brands. Some of them could be personalized communication, increasing the […]

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The Design Thinking Process

What makes a product more desirable is the value it adds by a unique feature. Many products are launched hoping that it would help people, but often after launch the reality differs to the expectations. But how do we find out what people really want? Through the Design Thinking Process. Design Thinking is a design […]

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Good Writing and Editing as a Part of Great Design

It might seem that writing isn’t important when it comes to design – and that’s a definite mistake. Yes, this could sound surprising to many of you, but actually writing is one of the most important parts of the design process. Why does it matter in the first place? Well, because in some way writing […]

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Top Tips on How Graphic Design Can Engage Customers

There is no doubt that a strong visual appeal can maximize user engagement. The graphics of your website play a significant role in generating new leads, improving the rate of conversions, building a loyal customer base and increasing user engagement. This is the reason why many website designers concentrate more on user experience than other […]

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