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Mega Design Bundle Deal From Dealjumbo – Only $39!

How many times have you been concerned about meeting project deadlines? and had to scour the internet for graphic elements? If you’ve been a dedicated reader of Designrfix you know we feature the best the web has to offer and quite often for free. While we always want to save you a buck, sometimes there are […]

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The Daily Deal to Rule Them All

Finding the right theme for your website or blog can be hard and costly – especially if you like to mix it up from time to time and change them. Deals are pretty few and hard to find, but if you do manage to grab one it’s totally worth it. Paying only a small fraction […]

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Massive Bundle From CrazyPixels – Only $19!

Lacking the design skills to handle some Web projects? Or maybe you’re a designer yourself but just don’t have time to hunt down or build certain designs. Whatever your reason, you’d do well to check out CrazyPixels, a helpful website dedicated to Web design full of inspirational articles, free resources and Photoshop tutorials. They’ve also […]

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WordPress Shortcodes Plugin + 3 Premium WP Themes

You already know that WordPress is one of the best CMS tools out there. You can create some amazing looking content and easily update it. There’s even “shortcodes,” which enable your WordPress installation to do even more effects. They’re basically “short cuts to lengthy code”.

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The Only Motivational Startup Posters You’ll Ever Need

There are motivational posters, and then there are successful motivational posters. No startup employee wants to look at a stale, cliche saying plastered on the wall in the office. They want something hip, fresh and to the point. Something meaningful, fun and modern. In other words, they want a motivational poster from StartupVitamins!

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